Family Psittacidae

Agapornis - A Lovebird is one of nine species of the genus Agapornis .

Alipiopsitta - The Yellow-faced Parrot , also known as the Yellow-faced Amazon, is the only species of the genus Alipiopsitta.

Alisterus - The king parrots are three species of medium-sized parrots in the genus Alisterus; the Australian King Parrot , the Papuan King Parrot , and the Moluccan King Parrot .

Amazona - Amazon parrot is the common name for a parrot of the genus Amazona.

Anodorhynchus - Anodorhynchus is a genus of large blue macaws from open and semi-open habitats in central and eastern South America.

Aprosmictus - Aprosmictus is a genus of parrots in the Psittacidae family.

Ara - ARA or Ara may refer to:

Aratinga - Aratinga is a genus of American parakeets.

Barnardius - Barnardius barnardi

Bolbopsittacus - The Guaiabero was first described as Psittacus lunulatus by Tyrolean naturalist Giovanni Antonio Scopoli in 1786.

Bolborhynchus - Bolborhynchus is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Brotogeris - Brotogeris is a genus of small parrots endemic to Central and South America.

Cacatua - Cacatua is a genus of cockatoos found from the Philippines and Wallacea east to the Solomon Islands and south to Australia.

Callocephalon - The name Gang-gang comes from a New South Wales Aboriginal language, either Ngunnawal or Wiradjuri.

Calyptorhynchus - Described by French naturalist Anselme Gaëtan Desmarest in 1826, the genus Calyptorhynchus has five species.

Chalcopsitta - The four species of the Chalcopsitta genus are about 31 – 32 cm  long.

Charmosyna - Papuan Lorikeet

Conuropsis - Psittacus carolinensis Linneaus, 1758 Conurus carolinensis Lesson, 1831

Coracopsis - There are two species and several subspecies:

Cyanoliseus - It is mainly found in Argentina.

Cyanopsitta - Spix's Macaw is 55–57 cm long.

Cyanoramphus - Cyanoramphus is a genus of parakeets native to New Zealand and islands of the southern Pacific Ocean.

Cyclopsitta - Cyclopsitta is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and tropical Australia.

Deroptyus - The Red-fan Parrot possesses elongated neck feathers that can be raised to form an elaborate fan, which greatly increases the bird's apparent size, and is possibly used when threatened.

Diopsittaca - The Red-shouldered Macaw , is representative of two distinct subspecies: Noble Macaw or Hahn's Macaw.

Eclectus - The parrot genus Eclectus consists of two species, the extant Eclectus Parrot and the extinct Oceanic Eclectus Parrot .

Enicognathus - Enicognathus is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Eos - The Greek worship of the dawn as a goddess is believed to be inherited from Indo-European times.

Eunymphicus - Eunymphicus is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Forpus - Forpus is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Geoffroyus - Geoffroyus is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Glossopsitta - There are three species:

Graydidascalus - The closest relative is the Yellow-faced Parrot and the members of the genus Pionus.

Guaruba - Its plumage is mostly bright yellow, hence its common name, but it also possesses green remiges.

Hapalopsittaca - Hapalopsittaca is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Lathamus - The Swift Parrot is endangered with only about 1000 pairs remaining in the wild, and its population is declining.

Leptosittaca - The Golden-plumed Parakeet is a Neotropical parrot species within the Psittacidae family, belonging to the monotypic genus Leptosittaca.

Lophopsittacus - It was a large, heavy-set parrot, with strong males similar in size to the Palm Cockatoo.

Loriculus - The hanging parrots are birds in the parrot genus Loriculus .

Lorius - Lorius is a genus of lorikeet in the parrot family Psittacidae.

Melopsittacus - The budgerigar is closely related to the lories and the fig parrots.

Micropsitta - Pygmy parrots are the smallest members of the parrot family.

Myiopsitta - Psittacus monachus Boddaert, 1783 Bolborrhynchus luchsi Finsch, 1868 Myiopsitta luchsi but see text

Nandayus - A prehistoric relative, Nandayus vorohuensis, was described from Late Pliocene fossils found in Argentina.

Nannopsittaca - Nannopsittaca is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Neophema - There are 6 or 7 species:

Neopsephotus - Wildtype Bourke's Parakeet display a basically brown overall colouration with pink abdomen, pinkish breast & a blue rump.

Neopsittacus - The genus Neopsittacus contains two species and several subspecies:

Nestor - A fictional character:

Northiella - This species grows up to 27-35cm in length and the sexes are similar in appearance.

Nymphicus - The Cockatiel , also known as the Quarrion and the Weiro, is the smallest and genuinely miniature cockatoo endemic to Australia.

Ognorhynchus - The Yellow-eared Parrot nests and lives among wax palms in a few areas of Western and Central Cordillera of Colombia; were it inhabits cloud forests about 1800 – 3000 meters above sea level.

Oreopsittacus - The Plum-faced Lorikeet is a mainly green small parrot about 15 cm  long with a long pointed tail.

Orthopsittaca - It is a resident bird in tropical Amazonian South America, from Colombia and Trinidad south to Amazonian Peru and Bolivia, and central Brazil as far as the northwestern cerrado of Brazil.

Pezoporus - Geopsittacus

Phigys - Adult birds are around 20 cm  long and exhibit slight sexual dimorphism.

Pionites - They are endemic in the Amazon Basin in South America, with the Black-headed north of the Amazon River, and the White-bellied south.

Pionopsitta - The Pileated Parrot , also known as the Red-capped Parrot , is a medium-small species of parrot with a total length of about 22 cm .

Pionus - Pionus is a genus of medium-sized parrots native to Mexico, and Central and South America.

Platycercus - A rosella is one of five to eight species of colorful Australian parrots in the genus Platycercus.

Poicephalus - They are stocky birds with short broad tails and relatively large heads and beaks for their size.

Polytelis - The genus Polytelis of the family Psittacidae consists of three species long-tailed parrot endemic to Australia.

Primolius - Primolius is a genus of macaws comprising three species, which are native to South America.

Prioniturus - The following nine species and several subspecies are recognized in the genus:

Probosciger - The Palm Cockatoo , also known as the Goliath Cockatoo, is a large smoky-grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family.

Prosopeia - The shining-parrots, Prosopeia, are a genus of parrots .

Psephotus - The genus Psephotus has five species of parakeets from Australia.

Pseudeos - The Dusky Lory is short tailed parrot about 25 cm long.

Psilopsiagon - Psilopsiagon is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family.

Psittacella - Psittacella is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family, all of which are endemic to the island of New Guinea.

Psittacula - Members of the parrot genus Psittacula or Afro-Asian Ringnecked parakeets as they are commonly known in aviculture originates found from Africa to South-East Asia.

Psittaculirostris - Psittaculirostris is a genus of parrot in the Psittacidae family found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Psittacus - There are two subspecies universally accepted:

Psitteuteles - The Psitteuteles genus contains three species:

Psittinus - It is the only member of the genus Psittinus.

Psittrichas - Pesquet's Parrot is a large parrot with a total length of approximately 46 cm and a weight of 680–800 g .

Purpureicephalus - First described by German naturalist Heinrich Kuhl in 1820, from a collection in Albany, Western Australia,

Pyrilia - All are relatively short-tailed parrots that are restricted to forests in the Neotropics.

Pyrrhura - Pyrrhura is a genus of parrots in the Arini tribe.

Rhynchopsitta - The thick-billed parrots are members of the parrot genus Rhynchopsitta.

Strigops - Kakapo are critically endangered; as of February 2010, only 123 Two large Fiordland islands, Resolution and Secretary, have been the subject of large-scale ecological restoration activities to prepare self-sustaining ecosystems with suitable habitat for the Kakapo.

Tanygnathus - Tanygnathus is a genus of parrots of the Psittaculini tribe.

Touit - Touit is a genus of Neotropical parrots in the Psittacidae family.

Trichoglossus - The genus name is derived from the Ancient Greek terms tricho- "hair", and glõssa "tongue".

Triclaria - It is a relatively long-tailed parrot with a total length of c.

Vini - Vini is a genus of birds endemic to the islands of the tropical Pacific.

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae