Genus Tanygnathus


Black-lored Parrot - It is very poorly known, being at least partly nocturnal and occupying hilly forests.

Blue-naped Parrot - It is found in secondary forest, forest edge and plantations up to 1000 m. Flock size is usually under a dozen. They feed on berries, seeds, nuts and grain. Habitat loss and trapping have made them scarce on most islands except Mindoro and Palawan. Though the Katala Foundation has raised concerns over the increasing illegal trade in this bird on Palawan.


Great-billed Parrot - The Great-billed Parrot is found in forest, woodland and mangrove in the south-east Asian islands of Maluku, Raja Ampat, Talaud, Sangir, Sarangani, the Lesser Sundas, and nearby small island. The diet consists mainly of fruits.


Blue-backed Parrot - It is of medium size , basically green with yellowish edging to the wings, a blue rump, and blue wing bends. The head, mantle, wings and tail are darker green, the belly and collar are lighter green. It is sexually dimorphic, with the male having a red beak and the female a pale yellow or horn colored beak. There are six subspecies:

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Tanygnathus