Bourke's Parrot

Wildtype Bourke's Parakeet display a basically brown overall colouration with pink abdomen, pinkish breast & a blue rump. The legs are dark-brown, with zygodactyl toes. The bill is yellowish-brown. The adult male has a blue forehead while the adult female has a little or no blue on the forehead.

The Bourke's Parrot is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Bourke's Parrot at nest hole. Bourke's Parrot at nest hole. Photo: Purnell Collection © Australian Museum Bourke's Parrot at nest hole with nestlings. Bourke's Parrot at nest hole with nestlings. More

The Bourke's Parrot has a clutch of 3 to 6 eggs, which are incubated by the female for 18–19 days, with the chicks fledging at about 4 weeks of age. The female also feeds and tends to the chicks by herself. While the female Bourke's Parrot is incubating the eggs, and also while she is feeding the chicks in the nest, she is fed by the male Bourke's Parrot. Bourke's Parrot eulo. More

Bourke's parrots are in fact semi-nocturnal, staying low and fairly stationary in patches of shrubs feeding during the day, and flying to water in the evening once the sun has gone down. They are most active and vocal from sunset until full darkness. This behaviour was first noted by the explorer Charles Sturt, who observed the birds staying in the bushes behind his camp during the day, and when flying to the waterhole at dusk many would collide with the strings of his tent. More

Bourke's ParrotNeophema bourkii Not endangered, this pretty little parrot, about the size of a budgie, has been sighted in the midwest of Western Australia on occasions. Bourke's parrots tend to be nocturnal to some degree and it was noted by Charles Sturt the explorer who noted that ‘they came in to drink at night and would fly into the tent ropes’. More

Another name for Bourke's Parrot is 'Night Parrot', as it will fly into watering places at night. However it is not to be confused with the real, and extremely rare, Night Parrot, Pezoporus occidentalis. Alternative Name/s Blue-vented, Night, Pink-bellied or Sundown Parrot; Blue-vented, Bourke or Pink-bellied Parakeet; and Bourke or Bourke's Grass-Parakeet Identification Bourke's Parrot is a small parrot which is mostly grey-brown above and pinkish below. More

The Bourke's parrot has recently been removed from the Neophema genus and placed in a genus of its own. Some discussions about this change are still on-going. Description: The natural color of the Bourke's Parakeet is basically brown, with pink abdomen, pinkish breast and a blue rump. The legs are dark-brown, with zygodactyl toes (the toes are arranged in pairs, the second and third toes pointing forward; the other two toes pointing backwards). The bill is yellowish-brown. More

The Bourke's Parrots has recently been removed from the genus Neophema, which included the Blue winged parrot, Elegant parrot, Rock parrot, Scarlet-chested parrot, Turquoise parrot, and the Orange bellied parrot. These are commonly called "Grass parrots". Aviary Notes: Level Of Knowledge Required: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Specialist Breeders Only. Government Regulations & By-Laws: Refer to " Government Laws " web page. More

The Bourke's Parrot is a small parrot native to Australia. It is the only species in its genus - Neopsephotus. They are sometimes placed in the genus Neophema; today there is ongoing discussion among experts regarding the proper taxonomic placement of the Bourke's Parrot. It is a grass parrot - indeed one of its alternate names is "Bourke Grass Keet." The name comes from General Sir Richard Bourke, Governor of New South Wales during the 1830's. More

The Bourke's parrot is feeding himselve with the seeds of Mallee and Acacia en the sparsely undergrowth of spinifex and herbs. Just as the trees and plants he is very economic with water.Watersupplies as creeks are seldom found in the neighbourhood, so he has to fly many miles in the evening to rearch the water. Drinking places he find at the farm with sheeps and cows also. More

Bourke's Parrot(?) sitting quietly for half an hour in a White Cedar tree 20 km south of Narrabri These pages are best viewed with firefox (for a few more details, click here). Disclaimer: Comments are always welcome; we give no guarantee that the information on these pages is always correct or up-to-date. If you should like to reproduce any of the material presented on this web site, please contact us by email. Last updated: 13 Feb. 2009. More

Bourke's Parrot is a small Grass Parrot. The male has pink chest and blue markings on face and on the bend of the wing. The female is similar in colour but has less pink and no blue markings. More

(* The Bourke's Parrot was reclassifed recently from Neophema Bourkii for 3 reasons: Habitat, Taxonomy & difference to other Neophemas) * Elegant Neophema elegans * Turquoise Neophema pulchella * Bluewing Neophema chrysostoma & Rock Parrot Neophema petrophila Scarlet-chested Parrot (Neophema splendida) This is definitely my favourite bird, with many mutations available, including Red-fronted. More

Bourke's Parrot roosts communally and is sometimes encountered in large flocks. However it is usually found in small parties. Congregates at waterholes to drink around dawn or dusk. This species is quiet and unobtrusive in its behaviour. Length: 190mm. Subspecies: None. budgie Distribution: Throughout the interior of Australia from Ashburton River and Morawa (WA) east to south-western Qld and Western NSW. More

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The Bourke's Parrot is a native of Australia. They are brownish with dusky pink fronts and blue rumps. These striking birds are cute too - especially in our unique Birdorable style! This makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves this beautiful bird. Product id: 235654609942955943 Made on 3/10/2010 1:28 PM Report violation Rated G Sizing Information Size Chart - There is no size information available for this style. More

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Order : Psittaciformes
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