Genus Primolius

Golden-collared Macaw - The Golden-collared Macaw was described by America n ornithologist John Cassin in 1853. Its specific epithet auricollis meaning gold-collared, from the Latin aurum 'gold', and collum 'neck'. In recent years it has often been placed in the genus Propyrrhura, but this is incorrect as per ICZN rules. Earlier, it has also been placed in the genus Ara, which at present only is used for some of the larger macaws.

Blue-headed Macaw - The Blue-headed Macaw is 41 cm long. It has mainly green plumage with the head, flight feathers and primary coverts blue. The uppertail has a maroon base, a narrow green center and a blue tip. The undertail and underwing are greenish-yellow similar to that of several other small macaws . The bill is pale greyish-horn with a black base . The iris is whitish with a narrow, often barely visible, maroon eye-ring. Unlike most other macaws, the facial skin and lores are dark greyish. The legs are dull pinkish. Juveniles resemble adults, but with the entire bill black, greyer legs, darker iris and the facial skin and lores white.

Blue-winged Macaw - It has a total length of approximately 40 cm . It has a heavy black bill, a long tail and a mainly green plumage. The upperside of the remiges and primary coverts are blue, as indicated by its common name. The underside of the wings is yellowish, the tail-tip, crown and cheeks are bluish, and the tail-base and small belly-patch are red. The iris is amber. It and the Red-bellied Macaw are the only macaws where the bare facial-skin is yellowish, but this often fades to white in captivity. Unlike the Red-bellied Macaw, the Blue-winged has a red lower abdomen and a red lower back.

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Primolius