Genus Poicephalus


Brown-headed Parrot - The yellow under its wings explains its name cryptoxanthus, which means "hidden yellow"; from Greek xanthos or ξανθος means "yellow", and "crypto", from the Greek kryptos, is an English prefix that means "hidden" or "secret".


Yellow-fronted Parrot - There are two subspecies:


Red-fronted Parrot - The Red-fronted Parrot , also known as the Jardine's Parrot, is a medium-sized mainly green parrot endemic across wide areas of Africa. It has three subspecies. The extent and shade of the red or orange plumage on its head, thighs, and bend of wings vary depending on the subspecies.


Meyer's Parrot - The six subspecies are:


Cape Parrot - The Cape Parrot is the largest parrot of the African genus Poicephalus. It is a short-tailed medium-sized bird with an oversized beak used to crack all sorts of hard nuts, especially those of yellow pine , and various palms. The species is sexually dimorphic, with females sporting the bright orange frontal patch on the forehead.


Rueppell's Parrot - Rüppell's Parrot is 22–25 cm long and weighs 121–156 g. It has an overall dark brown colour and its head is dark greyish. Both adult male and female birds have some yellow feathers on the leading edge of the wings, and yellow feathers covering their upper legs; in immatures, the yellow is dull or missing. They are sexually dimorphic; adult female birds have blue feathers on the lower back and the rump, whilst male birds loose this blue feather colouration as they become mature.


Red-bellied Parrot - The Red-bellied Parrot is a small parrot about 23 cm long. It is a mostly greenish and grey bird with the green being more prominent over its lower surfaces and the grey more prominent over its upper surfaces. Adult birds have green feathers covering the upper portions of their legs, red irises and dark grey beaks. The species is sexually dimorphic; Typically, males have a bright orange lower chest and abdomen, whilst adult females are greenish on these lower areas. The dimorphism occurs from a young age and is seen even in young chicks still in the nest.


Senegal Parrot - The Senegal Parrot is a Poicephalus parrot which is a resident breeder across a wide range of west Africa.

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Poicephalus