Genus Holacanthus

Blue angelfish - A Bermuda Blue Angelfish is blue-brown in color with green hues and bright yellow on the tip of its tail and fins.

Angelfish - The adult Queen angelfish overall body color can be described as blue to bluegreen with yellow rims on its scales.

Blue angel - The blue angelfish, Holacanthus isabelita, is a species of marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae, found in the western Atlantic from Bermuda, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico to the northern islands of the West Indies.

King angelfish - The Passer Angelfish is a non-migratory tropical fish that inhabits reefs in the eastern Pacific ocean from the coast of Peru north to the California gulf, including offshore islands as far west as the Galapagos, generally at a depth of between 4-30 meters.

Angelfish - The adult Rock Beauty angelfish's overall body color can be described as yellow in the facial region of the body with blue towards the tail end of the fish.

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacanthidae
Genus : Holacanthus