The adult Rock Beauty angelfish's overall body color can be described as yellow in the facial region of the body with blue towards the tail end of the fish.

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The Angelfish lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 3 - 92 m , usually 3 - 35 m environment.

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The freshwater tropical angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare, were originally found in the Amazon region of South America. Pterophyllum is a word that is derived from the Greek word meaning "winged leaf. More

My Angelfish began breeding or spawning by laying their eggs on an algae cleaning tool that was in my aquarium. Because of their choice of a breeding and spawning site, I was able to remove the tool and attempt to raise the angelfish fry. More

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Angelfish are ambush predators and prey on small fish and macroinvertebrates. All Pterophyllum species form monogamous pairs. Eggs are generally laid on a submerged log or a flattened leaf. As is the case for other cichlids, brood care is highly developed. More

The scientific name for the freshwater angelfish is quite descriptive. Pterophyllum is derived from the Greek word for "winged leaf" and scalare means "like a flight of stairs" in reference to the dorsal fin. It is a Latin word that can also mean "ladder". More

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An aquarium angelfish (Pterophyllum) (credit: Jane Burton — Bruce Coleman Ltd.)Any of various fishes of the order Perciformes. The best-known angelfishes are freshwater cichlids (genus Pterophyllum) popular in home aquariums. More

Identification: The Lamarck's Angelfish (or Lamark Angelfish) is also called the Freckletail Lyretail Angelfish. They have the distinction among angelfish of being sexually dimorphic. Both male and female are a silvery-gray with horizontal black stripes from eye to caudal fin. More

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Angelfish cichlids will swim at all levels of the aquarium making use of planted areas and open water. Choosing other fish that do the same can produce a dynamic scene. Avoid keeping with small schooling species known to nip fins. More

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The freshwater Angelfish is a very popular tropical fish because of its unique shape and because of their interesting personalities. Angelfish are aggressive eaters and will go to the top of the tank when they see you approach. More

Common names

Angelfish in English
Cachama medio luto in Spanish (español)
chabelita tricolor in Spanish (español)
Corn sugar in English
Coshubba in English
Demoiselle beauté in French (français)
Dreifarben-Kaiserfisch in German (Deutsch)
Enxada in Portuguese (Português)
Felsschönheit in German (Deutsch)
Holacanthus tricolor in Italian (Italiano)
Holacanthus tricolor in Swedish (Svenska)
Isabelita medioluto in Spanish (español)
Ladronchi grandi in Papiamento
Nefrytek tróbarwny a. ustnik skalny in Polish (polski)
Nuriwake-yakko in Japanese (日本語)
Paru-fumaça in Portuguese (Português)
Paru-papagaio in Portuguese (Português)
Paru-soldado in Portuguese (Português)
Parum-dourado in Portuguese (Português)
Parum-jandaia in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-borboleta in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-soldado in Portuguese (Português)
Rock beasty in English
rock beauty in English
Soldado in Portuguese (Português)
Soldado in Spanish (español)
Tambuatá in Portuguese (Português)
Tamuatá in Portuguese (Português)
Trefarvet kejserfisk in Danish (dansk)
Tricolor in Portuguese (Português)
Vaqueta de dos colores in Spanish (español)
Vigário in Portuguese (Português)
Yellow nanny in English
三色刺蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
三色刺蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacanthidae
Genus : Holacanthus
Species : Holacanthus tricolor
Authority : Bloch, 1795