Citharinus congicus

The Citharinus congicus lives in the pelagic, freshwater, pH range: 6.2 - 7.5, dH range: 18 environment.

Citharinus congicus Congo Citharin Clarias batrachus Clarias Catfish Cleithracara maronii Keyhole Cichlid Cochliodon cochliodon Cochliodon Pleco Coius microlepi Siamese Tigerfish Colisa chuna Honey Gourami Colisa fasciata Banded Gourami Colisa labiosa Thick Lipped Gourami More

Citharinus congicus and Alestes stuhlmanni are dependent on the Kilombero floodplain. Due to the size of the Kilombero Floodplain, there is little doubt that it holds more than 20,000 waterbirds in the wet season. All Tanzanian species of egrets and herons occur in the floodplain. More

Common names

Kongo-Geradsalmler in German (Deutsch)
Kongonjättitetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Kongonsitara in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Mbarami in Swahili (Kiswahili)
Pele in Swahili (Kiswahili)
Peri in Swahili (Kiswahili)
小鱗琴脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
小鱗琴脂鯉 in Unknown
小鳞琴脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
小鳞琴脂鲤 in Unknown

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Order : Characiformes
Family : Citharinidae
Genus : Citharinus
Species : Citharinus congicus
Authority : Boulenger, 1897