Anostomidae - Anostomina G√ľnther, 1864 Anostominae

Characidae - The Characidae, characids or characins are a family of freshwater subtropical and tropical fish, belonging to the order Characiformes.


Acestrorhynchidae - Acestrorhynchus is a genus of about 15 species of characiform fish found only in freshwater in South America, the sole genus in the family Acestrorhynchidae.

Alestidae - Alestes Arnoldichthys Brycinus Bryconaethiops Clupeocharax Hemigrammopetersius Hydrocynus Ladigesia Micralestes Nannopetersius Petersius Phenacogrammus Rhabdalestes Tricuspidalestes


Crenuchidae - Subfamily Characidiinae


Hemiodontidae - The Hemidontidae is a small family of freshwater characins found in northern South America, south to the Paran√°-Paraguay Basin.


Parodontidae - Apareiodon Parodon Saccodon

Citharinidae - They are deep-bodied, silvery fish, measuring up to 84 centimetres in length and weighing up to 18 kilograms .

Ctenoluciidae - Ctenoluciidae , also known as pike-characins, is a small family of freshwater fishes from Panama and South America.


Chilodontidae - Chilodontidae is the taxonomic name given to two families :

Gasteropelecidae - The freshwater hatchetfishes are a family, Gasteropelecidae, of ray-finned fish.

Lebiasinidae - The Lebiasinidae , are a family of freshwater fishes found in Costa Rica, Panama, and South America.

Curimatidae - Curimatidae is a family of freshwater fishes, known as the toothless characins of the order Characiformes.

Cynodontidae - Cynodontidae fishes , or dogteeth tetras, are a family of freshwater fishes found in the Neotropics.

Erythrinidae - The Erythrinidae, also known as Trahiras, are a family of freshwater fish found in rivers from Costa Rica south as far as Argentina.


Hepsetidae - It is an elongate fish with a pike-like body.

Prochilodontidae - The Prochilodontidae, or flannel-mouthed characins, are a small family of fishes found primarily in the northern half of South America, south to Ecuador and Brazil.

Order : Characiformes