Eustomias ignotus

The Eustomias ignotus lives in the bathypelagic, marine, depth range 0 - 580 m environment.

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* Eustomias ignotus (Gomon & Gibbs, 1985) * Eustomias inconstans (Gibbs, Clarke & Gomon, 1983) * Eustomias insularum (Clarke, 1998) * Eustomias intermedius (Clarke, More

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•Valid as Eustomias ignotus Gomon & Gibbs 1985. Current status: Valid as Eustomias ignotus Gomon & Gibbs 1985 Stomiidae: Melanostomiinae. Distribution: Southwestern Atlantic. Habitat: marine. More

Order : Stomiiformes
Family : Stomiidae
Genus : Eustomias
Species : Eustomias ignotus
Authority : Gomon and Gibbs, 1985