Sea trout

From a zoogeographical perspective, lake trout are quite rare.

Sea Trout and Salmon Fishing in the Rivers Dwyfor and Dwyfach, Gwynedd, North Wales, U.K. bridge1.jpg (108234 bytes)bridge7.jpg (93545 bytes)bridge8.jpg (88407 bytes)abovebridge.jpg (92935 bytes) River Dwyfor, Llanystumdwy village. More

largely a freshwater fish, while the sea trout shows anadromous reproduction, migrating to the oceans for much of its life and returning to freshwater only to spawn. More

Orkney Sea Trout Fishing in Saltwater I think it would be fair to say that Orkney’s salt water sea trout fishery is a far cry from the halcyon days of 50 years ago. This doesn't’t mean that sport nowadays is poor. More

The sea trout is a migratory form of the familiar brown trout. This is a muscular, rounded fish, with silvery colour and a variable amount of dark blotches on the upper body, which can extend below the lateral line. More

Scottish and Irish sea trout populations in recent years have seriously declined due to infestation by sea lice from salmon farms. References - 1. ^ Trout Science: "Science of Trout" 2. More

Fishing for Spotted Sea Trout in Clearwater, Florida. Fishing for Sea Trout in Clearwater, Florida = Spotted Sea Trout in Clearwater The spotted sea trout is one of our best resources for catching shear numbers of fish. More

Sea Trout Fishing in Ireland = The sea trout, also widely known as ‘white trout’ or ‘Breac Geal’ in Gaelic, can be found in rivers, loughs and estuaries throughout Ireland. More

This Sea Trout pattern is a scaled down variant of the famous Atlantic Salmon fly It is an outright attractor pattern & can be introduced to quicken the Sea Trout's interest when the more conventional patterns fail. More

Sea trout are sea-migratory brown trout that have a similar lifecycle to other anadromous salmonid species. Unlike stream-residential brown trout, sea trout grow to a tremendous size by feeding on a variety of food. More

Sea Trout Fishing In Scotland = Scotland has some of Europe's best and most varied sea trout fishing. More

Cynoscion nebulosus, The spotted sea trout is actually a member of the drum family and is close cousins to the redfish, croaker, and black drum. The spotted sea trout is easily identifiable by the distinct round black spots on their back, dorsal fins and tail. More

Basically there are three ways to fish for sea trout in Ireland. More

Sea Trout Capital of the World. Fisherman came form all over the world just to catch one of our prized game fish. About the same time more and more commercial gull netters were targeting these fish as well. More

Lagooner: Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Trip Information *First Name: * Last Name: *Street Address: Address: *City: *State: *Postal Code: *Phone Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX *email: you@domain. More

Sea Trout (Trout) can be caught on North Carolina's coast from early March, or earlier, to November, and later. November is perhaps the best speckled trout month inshore. Sea Trout include two types: Speckled Trout and Gray Trout (Weakfish). More

fight of a sea trout is thus stronger than that of a brown trout and, if possible, even more active and full of quick turns ... More

Juvenile sea trout populations in Orkney The OTFA has been monitoring several key sea trout populations in Orkney since 2004. This work has been augmented by ex-committee member Malcolm Thomson in his PhD research. More

Sea Trout is best treated as a generic term for a sea-going trout related to the river Trout. The term, like the alternative term "Salmon Trout" is applied to several different species. More

Sea Trout unlike Atlantic Salmon will sometimes feed in fresh water and with this in mind we can sometimes treat them as river Brown Trout. Standard wet trout flies will do in all the usual sizes. Tradition plays a great part & flies reflect this. More

Sea trout, to many of us, rank as the most valuable of all our game fish here in the British Isles, providing unique night time sport on rivers from Cornwall to Caithness, from Connemara to Cumbria. More

Of all our game fish here in Scotland, the sea trout holds, for me, the greatest fascination and, it might be said, the greatest challenge. More

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Common names

Southern Dolly Varden in English
Yuzhnaya mal'ma in Russian (русский язык)
克氏紅點鮭 in Mandarin Chinese
克氏红点鲑 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Salvelinus
Species : Salvelinus namaycush
Authority : Walbaum, 1792