Family Salmonidae


Acantholingua - Acantholingua ohridana is a species of fish in the Salmonidae family.

Brachymystax - Brachymystax lenok Brachymystax savinovi Brachymystax tumensis

Coregonus - Coregonus Linnaeus, 1758, is a genus of fish in the salmon family .

Hucho - Hucho is a genus of salmonids.

Salmo - Salmo is a genus of fish in the salmon family that includes many familiar species of salmon and trout.

Oncorhynchus - Oncorhynchus is a genus of fish in the family Salmonidae; it contains the Pacific salmons and Pacific trouts.

Prosopium - Prosopium is a genus of fish in the salmon family Salmonidae.

Salvelinus - Salvelinus is a genus of salmonid fish often called char or charr; some species are called "trout".


Salvethymus - Salvethymus svetovidovi, also called the long-finned charr, is a species of salmonid fish.


Stenodus - The fish has a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw and a high and pointed dorsal fin.

Thymallus - The fishes of this genus are native to the northern parts of the Nearctic and Palearctic ecozones, ranging from the United Kingdom and northern Europe across Eurasia to Siberia, as well as northern North America.

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae