Adding to the confusion of salmonid taxonomy, there are other trout with marble pattern beside Salmo marmoratus.

The Salmon lives in the demersal, anadromous, freshwater environment.

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Salmon is the common name for several species of fish of the family Salmonidae. More

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sebago, or lake, salmon are landlocked subspecies that are also prized for sport. The Atlantic salmon has been successfully introduced into the U.S. Great Lakes. For more information on Atlantic salmon, visit More

Adult salmon live at sea, then migrate, fighting rapids and leaping high falls, to the stream where they hatched to spawn. Pacific salmon die soon after spawning; many Atlantic salmon live to spawn again. See also trout. More

Salmon are part of a family of fish called Salmonidae which includes salmon, trout, char, whitefish and grayling. Salmonidae live in cold-water ecosystems around the world. Many are threatened because they have a low tolerance for degradation of their habitat. More


Catch and Release Salmon Fishing No Longer Allowed in the Central Valley Basin * 2009 Central Valley Salmon Closure Flyer (PDF) * May 5, 2009 Federal Register: NMFS Final More

We broil sesame seed-topped salmon fillets in a sweet-and-salty marinade of soy sauce, vinegar, honey and ginger. More

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Salmon is the common name for several species of large food and game fish clustered into the two genera, Salmo and Oncorhynchus, in the family Salmonidae, whose members also include trout, whitefish, and their relatives. More

The salmon's behavior of returning from the ocean to the tributary of its birth is referred to as anadromous (Greek for "running upward"). More

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 Pacific Salmon Commission: Established by treaty between Canada and the United States on March 18, 1985 for the conservation, rational management, and optimum production of Pacific Salmon. More

Over the years, tremendous demand for the salmon resource called for commitments by both countries to undertake enhancement activities as part of their overall fisheries management. Without such activities, current salmon catches could not be maintained or increased. More

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Protecting and preserving wild salmon has become a popular topic within the last several years, both in the media and in natural resource agencies. More

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(omega 3 fatty acids), the lovely pink-hued salmon can be served in a variety of ways and is always a favorite among fish lovers and enjoyed even by those who are not always fond of fish. More

Salmon steaks and salmon filets are some of the best fish tastes on the planet. More

Common names

Glavatica in Bosnian (bosanski jezik)
Glavatica in Serbian (српски језик)
Marmorataforelle in German (Deutsch)
Marmorørred in Danish (dansk)
Salmon in English
Soska postrv in Slovene
Soška postrv in Slovenian (slovenščina)
Trofte njile in Albanian (Shqip)
Trota marmorata in Italian (Italiano)
Главатица in Macedonian (македонски јазик)
斑鱒 in Mandarin Chinese
斑鳟 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Salmo
Species : Salmo marmoratus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829