Ohrid trout

The Ohrid trout, Salmo letnica , is a type of trout found in the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, especially in Lake Ohrid.

The Ohrid trout, Salmo letnica (known locally as letnica), is a type of trout found in the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, especially in Lake Ohrid. They have also been found in the Black Drin river, that flows out of Lake Ohrid at Struga, in Macedonia. More

as the Ohrid trout (Salmo letnica)and other species found nowhere else. The high mountain Galicica proudly rises between lakes Ohrid and Prespa with its imposing posture looking like an eternal guardian of the two lakes. More

any restaurant menu reveals that the Ohrid trout sells for over 30 euro per kilogram (US$14 per pound), a considerable sum in this relatively poor country. For many, the temptation to get their hands on such easy income is great. More

Native Range: The Ohrid trout is native to Ohrid Lake located in the Republic of Macedonia in Europe (formerly Yugoslavia) (Robins et al. 1991b). More

The Ohrid trout, an ancient fish living in Europe's oldest lake, faces extinction due to pollution and overfishing. The warning comes from Balkan scientists who say even a proposed five-year commercial fishing ban won't be enough to save the species. More

Ohrid trout (Ohridska pastrmka) on their menus because it is very delicious but it is illegal to catch the fish along the Macedonian shoreline of Lake Ohrid. Please do not support or encourage the consumption of the trout. More

2004) of Ohrid trout and has preserved samples of the same individual fish for DNA analysis. More

The Ohrid trout is a fish with endemic characteristics which significantly differs from the others according its anatomy, color and habits – possibilities that are enough to create a man, i.e. Miroslav Masin to create this orchestrated, visual Ohrid trout rhapsody. More

of Ohrid Trout (letnica and belvica, in Macedonian). Other unique Ohrid creatures include two types of eel as well as the bleak, whose scales are used for making the well-known Ohrid pearl. More

The Ohrid trout is unique to the lake and widely sought by anglers. There are also belvica, European eels, and freshwater shells, crabs, and sponges. Almost half of the fish caught in Lake Ohrid are trout or eels, earning the lake the nickname "Trout Lake. More

Fishing ban finally gives Ohrid trout a lease on life = Jun 19, 2008, 12:14 GMT Lake Ohrid, Macedonia - Relentlessly fished, the Lake Ohrid trout was pushed to the verge of extinction until urgent steps, including a strict fishing ban, finally More

know that fried Ohrid trout swims easier in white wine than in water. Discover that yourselves There are as many churches and holy places in Ohrid as days in a year... ............................. More

Ohrid Trout is well-known worldwide and can weight more than 10 kg. However, in the present conditions in the Lake it reaches the weight of 1 kg in the seventh year of its life. More

Ohrid trout (Ohridska pastrmka) makes a delicious dish and most of the restaurants in Ohrid display this item on their menu cards. However, it is advisable not to consume this as you will be directly encouraging its illegal fishing along the Macedonian shores. More

way to push to extinction the Ohrid trout, which is one of the relic world species and lives only in this lake. More

Ohrid Troutby agmoose02This local delicacy is delicious and seems to be served in most of the nicer restaurants in town. I have eaten trout in many places and this is the cleanest tasting trout I have ever had. More

Ohrid Trout, Salmon Common Names in Mandarin Chinese: 野鱒 Description - Family Salmonidae Distribution: Northern Hemisphere, but widely introduced in cold More

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Salmo
Species : Salmo letnica
Authority : Karaman, 1924