Coho salmon

During their ocean phase, Coho have silver sides and dark blue backs.

The Coho salmon lives in the demersal, anadromous, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 250 m environment.

The coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, is the second largest of the Pacific salmon. These fish can reach lengths of 35 inches, and weights of up to 36 pounds. The other common name for this fish is silver salmon. More

The coho salmon population in the Southern Oregon/Northern California region has declined from an estimated 150,000 – 400,000 naturally spawning fish in the 1940s to fewer than 10,000 naturally producing adults today. More

Commercial fishing: The commercial catch of coho salmon has increased significantly from low catches in the 1960s, reaching 6.25 million fish in 1986. About half of the catch was taken in Southeast Alaska, primarily by the troll fishery. More

predation of coho salmon by the California Sea Lion and Pacific Harbor Seal; and commercial timber harvesting. Many groups are actively involved in conservation of the coho salmon and their habitat. More

DESCRIPTION - Coho Salmon are usually 18-24 inches in length and 8-12 pounds in weight. The head is conical with a snout bluntly pointed but greatly extended, thickened and turned down in breeding males. These breeding males are characterized by their inability to close their mouths. More

The coho salmon life history is relatively straight-forward. Smolts typically migrate to sea in the spring of their second year, spend 16-20 months rearing in the ocean, then return to freshwater as three-year-old adults. More

The coho salmon has many different names. Some anglers call it a silver salmon or blueback and some call it a sea trout. Adult coho are steel-blue to slightly green on the back, brilliant silver on the sides, and white on the belly. More

The steely gray-blue Coho salmon is born in freshwater streams and marine inlets, then travels to sea, where it lives most of its life, until it travels back upstream to its origin, where it spawns and dies. More

Coho salmon (aka silver salmon or salmon trout, among other names) have dark blue or green backs and silver sides that turn a deep red when it is time to spawn. More

Although attempts to create a coho salmon fishery in the Great Lakes date as far back as 1800s, they were never successfully established until Michigan planted them in the mid 1960s. The first fall spawning run, in 1967, changed Great Lakes fishing forever. More

Coho salmon stocks in Alaska are healthy. * The United States and Canada cooperate in the sustainable management of Pacific salmon through the Pacific Salmon Treaty. More


While Coho salmon are relatively stable in the park streams and rivers, their numbers are declining in the southern parts of the peninsula. Only 4.9 miles of the Elwha are currently available to returning coho. More

Description: The Coho salmon or the Silver Salmon is bluish-black with silver sides in saltwater; black spots on the back and upper part of the caudal fin. It is smaller and slimmer than the Chinook salmon; the inside of the mouth is gray or black with white gums. More

The coho salmon, also know as the silver salmon can be distinguished by the fine dark spots on the back and upper lobe of the tail fin, the long anal fin and gray gums. Coho feed primarily on alewives, smelt, and other small fish. More

Though smaller, coho salmon are spawning successfully in most Lake Superior tributaries and thus have developed some limited but self-sustaining populations. More

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Description: Coho Salmon are bright silver with small black spots on their backs and on the upper part of their caudal fin. The average weight is 6-12 pounds. The flesh of the Coho salmon is light pink and has a very delicate flavor. More

Common names

Belaya in Russian (русский язык)
Belaya ryba in Russian (русский язык)
Blueback in English
Caayuaq in Alutiiq
Chumlachs in German (Deutsch)
Coho in English
Coho in Spanish (español)
Coho Lachs in German (Deutsch)
Coho laks in Norwegian (Norsk)
Coho salmon in English
coho salmon or silver salmon in English
coho salmon, silver salmon (German: Coho-Lachs, Silberlachs) in English
Coho-Lachs in German (Deutsch)
Coho-lax in Swedish (Svenska)
Cohoe in English
Coholaks in Danish (dansk)
Cohosalmon in English
Cohozalm in Dutch (Nederlands)
Cuwit in Nuuchahnulth
Gaayda dahlgyang in Haida
Gin-zake in Japanese (日本語)
Grilse in English
Hooknose in English
Hoopid salmon in English
Hopealohi in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Jack salmon in English
K'with'thet in Salish
K'wolexw in Salish
Kisutch-Lachs in German (Deutsch)
Kizhuch in Russian (русский язык)
Kiżucz in Polish (polski)
Koho in Danish (dansk)
Ksihoon in Tsimshian
Lachs in German (Deutsch)
Medium red salmon in English
Oncorhynchus kisutch in French (français)
Pacifik zilverzalm in Dutch (Nederlands)
pazifik Silberlachs in German (Deutsch)
Pazifischer Lachs in German (Deutsch)
Salmão prateado in Portuguese (Português)
Salmão-prateado in Portuguese (Português)
Salmon in English
salmón in Spanish (español)
Salmon 'coho' in Spanish (español)
Salmón coho in Spanish (español)
salmon plateado in Spanish (español)
Salmone argentato in Italian (Italiano)
Salmone del Pacifico in Italian (Italiano)
Saumon argenté in French (français)
saumon argenté du Pacifique in French (français)
saumon coho in French (français)
Schaanexw in Salish
Sea trout in English
Shamet skelex in Salish
Shmexwalsh in Salish
Silberlachs in German (Deutsch)
Silver salmon in English
Silverlax in Swedish (Svenska)
Silverside in English
Sina-wa?a in Nuuchahnulth
Sináech in Salish
Sk'wel'eng's schaanexw in Salish
Slhop' schaanexw in Salish
Slivers in English
Solomos coho in Greek, Modern (1453)
Solomos Koho in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Solomos Koho in Greek, Modern (1453)
Sølvlaks in Danish (dansk)
Spak'ws schaanexw in Salish
St'thkway' in Salish
T'aiya in Haida
Taay in Haida
Thaw'en in Salish
Ts'iidu in Haida
Ts'iing k'iiga in Haida
Tyaayii in Haida
Üük in Tsimshian
Vrsta pacifickog lososa in Serbian (српски језик)
Waak in Tsimshian
White salmon in English
Wildlachs in German (Deutsch)
Wüüx in Tsimshian
Zú? in Unknown
Zúṇ in Heiltsuk
Σολομός κόχο in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Σολομός Κόχο in Greek, Modern (1453)
кижуч in Russian (русский язык)
銀大麻哈魚(銀鮭) in Mandarin Chinese
银大麻哈鱼(银鲑) in Mandarin Chinese
은연어 in Korean (한국어)

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Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Oncorhynchus
Species : Oncorhynchus kisutch
Authority : Walbaum, 1792