Irish pollan

The pollan isis now considered to a distinct species, but it sometimes is classed as a subspecies of the Arctic cisco Coregonus autumnalis, which is not present elsewhere in Europe, but has anadromous populations in Arctic Siberia, Alaska, and Canada.

The Irish pollan lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Irish Pollan (Coregonus autumnalis) is found in Lough Neagh, Lower Lough Erne and the Shannon system (L. Ree and L. Derg). More

Irish pollan, Coregonus autumnalis: options for its conservation. Journal of Fish Biology 59 (Suppl. A): 339-355. Kottelat, M. (1997). European freshwater fishes. Biologia 52 (Suppl.5): 1-271. Rosell, R., Harrod, C., Griffiths, D. and McCarthy, T.K. (2004). More

The Irish Pollan Action Plan will focus on gathering information on one of the country's rarest and most endangered species of fish. Lough Derg in East Clare currently is the home of a dwindling population of the species. More

Irish pollan (Coregonus autumnalis Pallas 1776), a threatened lake coregonid. More

The Irish pollan has been recently described by geneticist Professor Andrew Ferguson as “one of the most unique components of the Irish fauna overall”. It is one of the few animal species found in Ireland not known from any other part of Western Europe. More

Common names

Arctic cisco in Unknown
Coregone in Italian (Italiano)
Corégone élégante in French (français)
Coregono das ilhas in Portuguese (Português)
Coregono elegante in Spanish (español)
Coregono-das-ilhas in Portuguese (Português)
En art helt in Danish (dansk)
Felchen in German (Deutsch)
Freshwater herring in English
Irish pollan in English
Maräne in German (Deutsch)
Pollan in English
Pollan in Swedish (Svenska)
Pollan-helt in Danish (dansk)
Pollan-Maräne in German (Deutsch)
Pollanmorene in Dutch (Nederlands)
Pollansik in Swedish (Svenska)
普伦白鲑 in Mandarin Chinese
普倫白鮭 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Coregonus
Species : Coregonus pollan
Authority : Thompson, 1835