Atlantic whitefish

The Atlantic whitefish (Coregonus huntsmani) is a freshwater salmonid fish inhabiting the northwestern Atlantic ocean around the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as well as some freshwater lakes within Nova Scotia. C. More

* Atlantic whitefish, Coregonus huntsmani in the genus Coregonus * Round whitefish, Prosopium cylindraceum in the genus Prosopium * Mountain whitefish, Prosopium williamsoni in the genus More

258 COMMENTS ON HABITAT ASSOCIATIONS - The Atlantic whitefish is an anadromous, seagoing whitefish occurring in only a few river and lakes in southwestern Nova Scotia. Its habitat requirements, in both the sea and fresh water, are largely unknown. More

Endemic to Canada, the Atlantic whitefish is currently restricted to three semi-natural freshwater lakes: Minamkeak, Milipsigate, and Hebb, covering a total area of just 16 square kilometres within the upper Petite Rivière drainage of south-west Nova Scotia (2) (4). More

The endangered Atlantic whitefish is not found anywhere in the world except for Nova Scotia. Historically, this fish has been found in only the Tusket River and the Petite Rivi More

Atlantic whitefish populations is the presence of smallmouth bass, which were introduced to Nova Scotia in 1942. More

Atlantic whitefish are known to occur in Millipsigate, Minamkeak and HebbLakes. These populations are landlocked. There appears to be an anadromous (seagoing) component, and are seen occasionally in the estuary. Specimens have also been found in the estuary of the LaHaveRiver, LunenburgCounty. More

The Atlantic whitefish is a salmon-like fish with a black, dark green or blue back, a white underbelly, and silver coloured sides. This species is anadromous in parts of its Canadian range. This means that it lives in the ocean and spawns in freshwater. More

Today’s release of endangered Atlantic Whitefish is a first, and I am tremendously proud to have been personally involved with this cause for many years. More

The Atlantic whitefish has silvery sides, a silvery-to-white belly, and a dark blue-to-dark green back. The fish has an elongated body and a mouth at the end of its snout rather than under its head. Adult fish range from 18 to 40 cm in length. More

Atlantic Whitefish: a Symbol of our Threatened Freshwater Fishery Most of us will never see an Atlantic whitefish. More

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also released several thousand Atlantic whitefish into a lake in Dartmouth, N.S., as part of a three-year trial project attempting to establish a backup population. The Atlantic whitefish is unique to Canada and is naturally found only in the Petite Rivière water system. More

The Atlantic whitefish is a member of the family Salmonidae and is related to salmon and trout. It is often called Acadian whitefish, Sault whitefish, round whitefish and common whitefish. More

Unique to Canada, Atlantic whitefish have been reported only in the Tusket River and Petite Riviere watersheds in southern Nova Scotia. More

The Atlantic whitefish’s dorsal fin and forked tail fin are dusky in colour; the lower fins are light. The Atlantic whitefish also has a small, fleshy fin between the dorsal and tail fins, which is typical of members of the salmon family. More

Acadian Whitefish, Atlantic Whitefish, Common Whitefish, Round Whitefish, Sault Whitefish French – Cisco Assessment Information - Red List Category & Criteria: Vulnerable D2 More

releases Atlantic whitefish into Anderson Lake yesterday. JENNIFER TAPLIN, METRO HALIFAX November 26, 2008 5:00 a.m. Be the first to comment Print article Text size They took to their new home like, well, fish to water. More

COUNTY - Another 1,500 endangered Atlantic whitefish were recently released into the Petite Riviere water system. While these ones aren't equipped for monitoring, fisheries researchers are still reviewing data provided by previously tagged and released whitefish from Queens County's Mersey Biodiversity Facility. More

The Atlantic whitefish is a species endemic to Nova Scotia, meaning that it breeds nowhere else in the world. In Nova Scotia it is found only in the Tusket and Petite Rivi�re watersheds and may have been extirpated from the Tusket River system. More

Common names

acadian whitefish in English
Atlantic whitefish in English
Atlantisk helt in Danish (dansk)
Cisco in English
Cisco in French (français)
Common whitefish in English
lake whitefish in English
round whitefish in English
Sault whitefish in English
亨氏白鮭 in Mandarin Chinese
亨氏白鲑 in Mandarin Chinese
加拿大白鮭 in Mandarin Chinese
加拿大白鲑 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Coregonus
Species : Coregonus clupeaformis
Authority : Scott, 1987