Arctic cisco

Arctic cisco is an anadromous species of freshwater whitefish that inhabits the Arctic parts of Siberia, Alaska and Canada.

USGS Arctic Cisco Research Presented at Oil and Gas Research Forums USGS Fisheries Research Scientist Jennifer L. More

arctic cisco - USFWSIt is not a game fish, has an obscure name, can't easily be seen, and has no great claim to fame. Yet the Arctic cisco plays a big role in the arctic. More

Genetic Analysis of Arctic Cisco in the Colville River, Alaska Arctic cisco. Photo credit: Andrew Ramey, USGS Arctic cisco. More

Arctic cisco (Coregonus autumnalis) is an anadromous species of freshwater whitefish that inhabits the Arctic parts of Siberia, Alaska and Canada. It also has freshwater populations in Ireland, known as Pollan. They have a risk of becoming extinct. More

Fish such as dolly varden and arctic cisco are found in nearshore waters. Coastal lands and sea ice are used by caribou seeking relief from biting insects during summer, and by polar bears hunting seals and giving birth in snow dens during winter. More

The Arctic cisco is found in arctic Canada and Siberia and from the Point Barrow area eastward along the Beaufort Sea coast to the Canada border. More

study area, catch rates were significantly lower (P=250 mm) arctic cisco and least cisco tagged in the Prudhoe Bay area and recovered in a commercial fishery that operates in the Colville River, Alaska. More

The Arctic Cisco is found in Arctic Alaska (from Barrow east), Canada and Siberia. Bering Cisco are found in the Bering Sea drainages of the Seward Peninsula, Norton Sound and in those of the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. More

Arctic Cisco, Coregonus autumnalis Arctic cisco, Coregonus autumnalis. More

* The Arctic Cisco Coregonus autumnalis Subsistence and Commercial Fisheries Colville River Alaska A Conceptual Model NEW ARTICLE * ADD TO YOUR SITE * COMMENT More

Arctic cisco found in the Mackenzie River and other northwestern Arctic drainages, Bering cisco spawn in fast-flowing water near beds of loose gravel where eggs are broadcast over the substrate. More

for the Arctic Cisco (Coregonus autumnalis) in the Colville River of Alaska as reflected by the commercial fishery. Biol. Pap. Univ. Alaska 24:153-165. Gallaway, B.J., W.J. Gazey┬║, J.M. Colonell*, A.W. Niedoroda* and C.J. Herlugson*. 1991. More

Analysis of Variation in Abundance of Arctic Cisco in the Colville River (AK-03-02b) Total Cost: $314,983 Period of Performance: FY2004-2006 Conducting Organization: ABR, Inc-Fairbanks, AK MMS Contact: More

for Arctic cisco [a type ofOil drilling alters landscape, life for tiny Inupiat village; Arctic ... by The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA)and, therefore, could cause harm to sealife, in addition to posing an artificial barrier to migrating fish, particularly the Arctic cisco.Causeway compromise; bridging a counterproductive impasse, oil ... More

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Coregonus
Species : Coregonus autumnalis
Authority : Pallas, 1776