Genus Apistogramma


Agassiz' dwarf cichlid - Male Agassiz's dwarf cichlids are territorial by nature.


Apistogramma barlowi - This is a mouthbrooder, which is unusual in the genus Apistogramma.


Banded dwarf cichlid - Banded dwarf cichlid is a species of benthopelagic freshwater fish from South America.


Umbrella cichlid - Umbrella cichlid , also known as Umbrella Apisto and Yellow Dwarf Cichlid, is a species of fish in the genus Apistogramma.


Cockatoo cichlid - The male Cockatoo dwarf cichlid reaches a body length of 8 centimetres.


Apistogramma eremnopyge - This is a small cichlid, 26-35 mm standard length which can be easily distinguished from its congeners by the presence of a prominent dark blotch on the lower part of the caudal peduncle in both sexes.


Macmaster's dwarf cichlid - Fish keepers have bred variants with brighter colors than those found in the wild.


Apistogramma nijsseni - Apistogramma nijsseni is a species of cichlid fish, endemic to the black water habitats in the Carahuayte river drainage, South America.


Apistogramma panduro - Apistogramma panduro is a benthopelagic freshwater fish from South America.


Apistogramma regani - Apistogramma regani is a species of South American dwarf cichlid.


Apistogramma taeniata - Apistogramma taeniata is a benthopelagic freshwater fish from South America.


Apistogramma viejita - Apistogramma viejita is a dwarf cichlid in the subfamily Geophaginae.

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Apistogramma