Southern Churchill

The Southern Churchill lives in the pelagic, freshwater environment.

The southern churchill, Petrocephalus wesselsi, a new species of mormyrid from South Africa defined by electric organ discharges, genetics, and morphology. Environmental Biology of Fishes v. 59 (no. 4): 393-413. More

Southern Churchill County, Western Nevada: A Right Step in a Northwest-Striking Dextral Strike-Slip Fault Zone at the Northern Margin of the Central Walker Lane . Hinz, Nicholas H. & Faulds, James E. & Oppliger, Gary L. More

Common names

Churchill in English
Rypoun Wesselsův in Czech (česky)
Southern Churchill in English

Order : Osteoglossiformes
Family : Mormyridae
Genus : Petrocephalus
Species : Petrocephalus wesselsi
Authority : Kramer & van der Bank,2000