Like the other Osteoglossids, the African arowana is a long-bodied fish with large scales, long dorsal and anal fins set far back on the body, and a rounded caudal fin.

The Heterotis lives in the pelagic, freshwater, depth range 1 - m environment.

Heterotis niloticus (Cuvier, 1829) - African bonytongue References Expert(s): Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s): Source: Catalog of Fishes, 13-May-2004, website (version More

Heterotis niloticus - African arowana, African bonytongue The Definitive Guide: Natural History & Captive Care Attached File HnIvlong2A.JPG ( 40. More

Heterotis niloticus - African arowana, African bonytongue The Definitive Guide: Natural History & Captive Care Co-Authors: Alfon76 (Ivan), Aquafan2001 (Rich), E_americanus (Solomon) Photos by: Alfon76, Aquafan2001, E_americanus Edited, Arranged, and Referenced by Solomon David More

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The African bonytongue, Heterotis niloticus, is an important species in fisheries and aquaculture in West Africa. This osteoglossid has frequently been characterized as a detritivore, in part because of its benthic feeding habitats and possession of a gizzard (thick-walled pyloric stomach). More

Clupisudis niloticus, Heterotis adansoni, Heterotis adansonii, Heterotis ehrenbergii, Heterotis nilotica, Sudis adansonii, Sudis nilotica, Sudis niloticus Sexing - More

The African arowana, Heterotis niloticus, is a member of the arowana family. Despite being called an "Arowana", the African arowana is more closely related to Arapaima gigas, the only other member in the subfamily Heterotidinae. More

fish: Bony tongue, Heterotis niloticus, African carp, Labeo coubie, Snake fish, Parachanna obscura, Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus and African mud catfish, Clarias gariepinus during storage. The fish were smoke-dried to average moisture content of 10.41 ± 0.02% and stored. More

Heterotis obamae Lejoly & Lisowski is set in synonymy with the previously described Heterotis arenaria Jacq.-Fél. Se presenta el catálogo florístico de la familia Melastomataceae en Guinea Ecuatorial. Se recogen un total de 57 táxones. More

Common names

Afo in Yoruba (Yorùbá)
African arowana in English
African bonytongue in English
Afrikanarapaima in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Afrikansk knogletunge in Danish (dansk)
Aika in Yoruba (Yorùbá)
Akau in Ijo
Alapa in Yoruba (Yorùbá)
Bahli in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Bakkata in Soninke
Bala in Fula
Bala in Fulfulde, Pulaar
Balde in Soninke
Bali in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Balli in Haoussa
Balli in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Bargi in Haoussa
Begigi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Berigi in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Bony tongue in English
Congo ya sika in Other
Dan shakata in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Dese in Turkana
Dugande in Soninke
Efa in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Egogi in Nupe
Ekeu in Ijo
Fa in Ewe (Ɛʋɛgbɛ)
Fa in Samoan (gagana fa'a Samoa)
Faanan in Jula
Fana in Bambara (bamanankan)
Fanntang in Other
Fanntang in Swedish (Svenska)
Fantang nilský in Czech (česky)
Heterotis in English
Heterotis in Polish (polski)
Heterotis in Portuguese (Português)
Kano in Yoruba (Yorùbá)
Katakpi in Zande
Kawi in Kanuri
Kawouro in Kanembu
Kodo in Other
Kondo in Other
Kpokpo in Igbo
Lareo in Fulfulde, Pulaar
Lek in Dinka
Lek in Dinka, Northeastern
Lek in Nuer
Muzalazala in Swahili (Kiswahili)
N'diaguel in Wolof (Wollof)
N'gol in Other
N'golô in Arabic (‫العربية)
Nakantala in Hausa (‫هَوُسَ)
Nauk in Arabic (‫العربية)
Ngoll in Arabic (‫العربية)
Ngollo in Arabic (‫العربية)
No name in English
Noag in Arabic (‫العربية)
Nok in Arabic (‫العربية)
Noussa in Other
Okpo in Igbo
Olak in Shilluk
Paï in Kim
Penge in Other
Poï in Kim
Poisson sans nom in French (français)
Pwon in Kim
Rakako in Mooré
Riki in Other
Sanqueleela in Soninke
Stoneside in English
Tou in Other
Trepake in Akan
Warsenali in Soninke
Westafrikanischer Knochenzüngler in German (Deutsch)
ナイルアロワナ in Japanese (日本語)
尼罗异耳骨舌鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
尼罗鲱柱鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
尼羅異耳骨舌魚 in Mandarin Chinese
尼羅鯡柱魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Osteoglossiformes
Family : Arapaimidae
Genus : Heterotis
Species : Heterotis niloticus
Authority : Cuvier, 1829