Northern studfish

The Northern studfish lives in the benthopelagic, non-migratory, freshwater environment.

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Northern Studfish prefer the shallow backwaters and pools of clear rocky creeks to medium sized rivers. As with other members of the Fundulidae, they have specialized jaws adapted for feeding on the water surface. Breeding males often have bright blue sides. More

Northern Studfish, as being "one of the most beautiful topminnows in Alabama." So, imagine my surprise when my son, Sebastian, caught this fish in a cast net while we were catching minnows. It is indeed a beautiful fish. More

Characteristics: The northern studfish is one of the most beautiful topminnows in Alabama. Breeding males have 8 to 10 continuous rows of orange to reddish orange dots along iridescent blue sides. More

Common names

Ketjukilli in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Ketten-Fundulus in German (Deutsch)
northern studfish in English
北方底鮰 in Chinese (中文)
北方底鮰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Fundulidae
Genus : Fundulus
Species : Fundulus catenatus
Authority : Storer, 1846