Fundulidae - Fundulidae is the family of topminnows and North American killifishes.

Poeciliidae - Poeciliidae is a family of fresh-water fish which are live-bearing aquarium fish .

Goodeidae - Splitfins, are a family, Goodeidae, of teleost fish endemic to Mexico and some areas of the United States.

Anablepidae - Oxyzygonectinae

Cyprinodontidae - Pupfish are a group of small killifish belonging to ten genera of the family Cyprinodontidae of ray-finned fish.

Rivulidae - Rivulinae Myers, 1925

Nothobranchiidae - Nothobranchiidae are a family of bony fishes containing roughly 300 species.

Aplocheilidae - Aplocheilidae are a family of bony fishes containing about 15 species.