Cyprinidae - The family Cyprinidae, from the Ancient Greek kyprînos , consists of the carps, the true minnows, and their relatives .

Balitoridae - The hillstream loaches or river loaches are a family, the Balitoridae, of small Eurasian fish.

Cobitidae - Cobitidae is the family of the true loaches, which are Old World freshwater fish.

Catostomidae - Catostomidae is the sucker family of the order Cypriniformes.

Gyrinocheilidae - Gyrinocheilus, also Chinese algae eater or sucking loach, is the single genus in the family Gyrinocheilidae, a family of small Southeast Asian cypriniform fishes that live in fast-flowing freshwater mountain streams.


Psilorhynchidae - Psilorhynchidae is a family of ray-finned fishes.

Order : Cypriniformes