Diamond tetra


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The Diamond tetra lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 7.0, dH range: 5 - 12 environment.

violet scales, the Diamond Tetra or Pittier's Tetra has a sparkling appearance. You must be patient to fully see this effect however, as this fish doesn't get all of its coloring until it is an adult. More

I have kept Diamond tetras for many years now and have found them to be the "Dark Horse" in the Aquarium. By this I mean that most people overlook this very beautiful fish in stores due its lack of intense colouration. More

The diamond tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) is a small freshwater fish of the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes. It is found in and around Lake Valencia in Venezuela, South America. More

The Diamond Tetra is a wonderful aquarium fish that only attains its most spectacular coloration as an adult. Unfortunately, juveniles offered for sale are somewhat drab and are passed over by many hobbyists. More

Diamond Tetra - Aaron Norman Other Tetras » Diamond Tetra Stats Scientific Name: Moenkhausia pittieri Family: Characidae Size: males to 2%frac12 inches, females smaller Temperature: 72 to 80 More

Sign In or Sign Up now! Serpae Tetra and Diamond tetra swimming in a 10 gallon tank, you might also be able to see a few female betta fish. Serpae Tetra and Diamond tetra swimming in a 10 gallon tank, you might also be able to see a few female betta fish. More

The diamond tetra is found in shallow, vegetated parts of the lake, as well as in several slow-moving tributaries. Most of the fish sold in the trade are mass-bred on commercial farms in Eastern Europe or the Far East, though. More

The Diamond Tetra has violet-hued scales with a fine scattering of green and gold that creates a pleasant sparkling effect. More

Welcome to our diamond tetra webpage for owners and diamond tetra enthusiasts. diamond tetra information - Their common name comes from the bright, iridescent scales along the flanks. More

The Diamond Tetra, Moenkhausia pittieri, is a peaceful little fish from Venezuela. Other common names are the Monk Tetra and the Moenk tetra. It comes from Lake Valencia and the surrounding rivers. It is not threatened in the wild. More

The biggest challenge in breeding Diamond Tetra’s is finding a compatible couple…they must be of the same size & age to spawn together. More

The Diamond Tetra is a moderately difficult fish to breed. R: Young fish's coloration is often misleading, as it is very plain and dull, nothing of the shimmering, diamond-like coloration of the adult fish. More

Common names

Blyszczyk brylantowy a pittiera in Polish (polski)
Bobita in Spanish (español)
Briljanttetra in Swedish (Svenska)
Brillantsalmler in German (Deutsch)
Brilyant tetra in Azerbaijani (azərbaycan dili)
Diamanttetra in Danish (dansk)
diamond characin in English
Diamond tetra in English
Gyémántlazac in Hungarian (Magyar)
Moenkhausia in German (Deutsch)
Moenkhausia pittieri in Italian (Italiano)
pittier's tetra in English
Timanttitetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Бриллиантовая тетра in Russian (русский язык)
閃光直線脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
闪光直线脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Moenkhausia
Species : Moenkhausia pittieri
Authority : Eigenmann, 1920