Burmese pufferfish

Burmese pufferfish - Adult Tetraodon nigroviridis are found in freshwater streams, rivers, and flood plains; young are found in brackish water. More

Burmese PufferfishTetraodon nigroviridis = Facts pH: 8.0 - 8.0 max size: 17. More

Common names

Burmese pufferfish in English
Burmesisk kuglefisk in Danish (dansk)
Green Puffer Fish in English
green pufferfish (German: Grüner Kugelfisch) in English
Grüner Kugelfisch in German (Deutsch)
Pakpaokhiaochut in Thai (ไทย)
Pantteripallokala in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Spotted green pufferfish in English
spotted green pufferfish (German: Grüner Kugelfisch) in English
Trey kampot in Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ)
ปักเป้าจุดดำ in Thai (ไทย)
ปักเป้าเขียวจุด in Thai (ไทย)
ミドリフグ in Japanese (日本語)
墨綠凹鼻魨 in Mandarin Chinese
墨绿凹鼻鲀 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Tetraodontidae
Genus : Tetraodon
Species : Tetraodon fluviatilis
Authority : Marion de Proc