Fan-bellied leatherjacket

The Fan-bellied leatherjacket lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 12 m environment.

The Fan-bellied Leatherjacket is easily recognised by the large skin flap on its belly and its concave snout. It occurs at depths of 5-50 m in rocky and weedy areas but is also caught by trawlers in more open seabed areas. More

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Common names

Centreboard leatherjacket in English
Fan-bellied filefish in English
Fan-bellied leather jacket in English
Fan-bellied leatherjacket in English
Fan-belly leatherjacket in English
Filefish in English
fringed filefish in English
fringed filefish in Unknown
Hagupit in Bikol
Morokoshihagi in Japanese (日本語)
Pakol in Hiligaynon
Pakol in Tagalog
Pakol in Waray-waray
Panitan in Waray-waray
Sagoksok in Cebuano
Sulay bagyo in Tagalog
Sulay bagyo in Visayan
Sulaybagyo in Bikol
Sulyo bagyo in Visayan
Viftebuget filfisk in Danish (dansk)
Wuahangphat in Thai (ไทย)
วัวหางพัด in Thai (ไทย)
中华单角鲀 in Mandarin Chinese
中华角钝 in Mandarin Chinese
中華單角魨 in Mandarin Chinese
中華角鈍 in Mandarin Chinese
单棘鲀 in Mandarin Chinese
單棘魨 in Mandarin Chinese
白达仔 in Mandarin Chinese
白達仔 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Tetraodontiformes
Family : Monacanthidae
Genus : Monacanthus
Species : Monacanthus chinensis
Authority : Osbeck, 1765