The cobbler is found from Kirra, Queensland to Jervis Bay, New South Wales, and Kingston, South Australia to Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia and Duck River, Tasmania, in near-shore and reef habitats.

The Cobbler lives in the demersal, brackish, marine, depth range - 30 m environment.

Fresh Cherry Cobbler Recipe Add a photo 1 of 5 Photos Fresh Cherry Cobbler = By: Miranda W. "This is a delicious cherry cobbler made with fresh cherries instead of canned. More

Southern Peach Cobbler Recipe Add a photo 1 of 33 Photos Southern Peach Cobbler = By: aeposey "I've been experimenting with cobbler for some time and this recipe is the final result. Loved by all. More

Show IPA Use cobbler in a SentenceSee web results for cobblerSee images of cobbler–noun 1. a person who mends shoes. 2. a deep-dish fruit pie with a rich biscuit crust, usually only on top. More

song "Apple Cobbler" by LL Cool J, see The DEFinition Apple Cobbler. Cobbler is a traditional dish in both the United States and the United Kingdom, although the meaning of the term is quite different in each country. More

cobbler is a command line tool for configuring a provisioning and update server. It supports provisioning via PXE (network booting), virtualization (Xen), and re-installs of existing Linux systems. More

Apple CobblerApple CobblerFor years, this apple cobbler recipe has been one of my father's "signature" apple dishes (knowing my dad, bemused by the thought of his having a "signature" anything, he would probably agree to this statement with dramatic flourish and an... More

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Next thing you knew, she was making cobbler - man, was that a treat. Needless to say, that was always a fun trip, and now we get to relive it by sharing her recipe with you," Pat Neely said. More

Look up cobbler in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Cobbler(s) may refer to: * A shoemaker who repairs shoes, rather than manufacturing them (see cordwainer for a discussion of the distinction). More

Place cobbler in and cook for 30-35 minutes. Ingredients: 6 (egg .. flour .. milk .. sugar ...) 8. More

Cobbler Bill's is located in Portland, Oregon. Since 1975, we have proudly served Portland, OR and surrounding areas with quality and affordable name brand shoes. More

Cobbler is a baked fruit dessert and is so named because of the "cobbled" look of the topping. Like a pie, it can be made with any fruit or fruit filling, but cobbler is easier and faster to make than pie. More

the peach cobbler came out to be very good. More

You could burn off the 249 calories from this Grape crisp cobbler in a variety of ways: Animal Care - play, standing, light for 82 minutes Suitcases - packing and unpacking for 114 minutes Bicycling, stationary: moderate, 150 watts for 25 minutes These are More

A cobbler is a baked fruit dessert with a crumbly or biscuit crust topping. Cobbler-type desserts include Betties and buckles. More

Cobbler recipe category has 14 recipe(s). More

Dietitian's tip: This fruit cobbler is a lighter, fresher version of the fat-laden, biscuit-topped dessert. More

Quick and easy cobbler and crisp Recipes -These recipes have been collected by from newspapers, magazines, box tops, and friends over the years. Recipes use everyday ingredients found in most pantries or kitchens. - Blackberry Cobbler 1 c. More

Rich peach cobbler is topped with a flaky crust. Arrives in a reusable white baking dish. Serves 8.Perishable items are shipped to you directly from our vendors. More

cc-10-17-09 Cobbler and Pie Fall is here and the Holiday season is just around the corner. Pies and cobblers will be just the thing for family gatherings. More

Berry Cobbler from McKenzie View B&B, Eugene, Oregon Blackberry Cobbler from Jarid's Corner B&B, Chemainus, British Columbia Blackberry Dumplings from The Marks House, Prescott, Arizona More

Cherry cobbler is a classic American fruit dessert made with cherries and a thick upper crust. More

Fruit cobbler is a delicious dessert that will have people quickly coming to the table for seconds. There are several varieties of cobblers, and recipes can differ significantly depending upon their origin. More

cobbler1 definition ☆ cob·bler (käb′lər) noun 1. an iced drink containing wine, whiskey, or rum, citrus fruit, sugar, etc. 2. More

Common names

Cobbler in English
Deteira in English
Estuarine cat-fish in English
estuary catfish in English
Estuary cobbler in English
Isoviiritandani in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Poisson-chat d'estuaire in French (français)
South Australian catfish in English
大头荨麻鳗鲶 in Mandarin Chinese
大頭蕁麻鰻鯰 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Plotosidae
Genus : Cnidoglanis
Species : Cnidoglanis macrocephalus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1840