Blue catfish

Blue catfish are opportunistic predators and will eat any species of fish they can catch, along with crayfish, freshwater mussels, frogs, and other readily available aquatic food sources; some blue catfish have reportedly attacked scuba divers.

The Blue catfish lives in the demersal, freshwater, brackish, depth range 50 - m environment.

The blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, is one of the largest species of North American catfish. Blue catfish are distributed primarily in the Mississippi River drainage including the Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Arkansas rivers. More

Blue catfish are a popular sport fish that closely resembles its relative, the channel catfish. The scientific name, Ictalurus farcatus, translates to “fish cat” and “forked” which aptly describe these fish. They have “barbels” or whiskers around the mouth and a forked tail. More

Synonyms: blue catfish, blue channel catfish, blue channel cat - Wikipedia: Blue catfish Top Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Wikipedia Blue catfish Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia More

any river that blue catfish habitat in, anchor upstream and drop a baited rig with the head portion of a 1 pound skipjack cut behind the pectoral fins,( one of the pair of fins that are situated one on each side of the fish just behind the More

The blue catfish is one of the largest species of freshwater fish in North America. Only the alligator gar and a few species of sturgeon get larger. More

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FARLINGTON HATCHERY BOOSTS BLUE CATFISH PRODUCTION Large fish eat zebra mussels, provide excellent angling opportunity Nov. More

are catching bigger blue catfish (and channel cats, too) on this 3,000-plus acre impoundment. Here’s the latest. (August 2008)By Paul Moore Anglers looking for really big catfish know that blue cat reigns supreme. More

blue channels, blue catfish often reached 150 pounds or more in the 19th century and are still the largest catfish found in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Today some blue catfish over 60 pounds are caught. More

The Blue Catfish pursues a varied diet, but it tends to eat fish earlier in life. Although invertebrates compose most of it's diet, Blue Catfish as small as 4 inches in length have been known to consume fish. More

copyrighted picture of a blue catfish picture from "Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin" = SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ictalurus furcatus CHARACTERISTICS: This pale blue catfish has a deeply forked tail and white chin barbels. More

Blue Catfish Caught in Alabama = Email your fish picture for posting to Doug Darr. Blue Catfish over 50 pounds or 46 inches may qualify for a Master Angler Certificate. More

Blue catfish are the largest of North America's various catfish species. In the mid-1800s, when commercial catfishing in the Mississippi River was a booming industry, blues upward of 200 pounds were caught. More

The blue catfish is one of the three species of large catfish found in Tennessee. They are common in large rivers throughout the state and in several reservoirs including Douglas Reservoir in East Tennessee. More

Blue catfish have a forked tail, and are sometimes very similar to channel catfish. However, only the Rio Grande population has dark spots on the back and sides. More

41 Lb Trophy Blue Catfish caught on rod and reel by Robert Varnell while Catfishing with North Texas Catfish Guide Service. Release alive after photographs. More


Big Blue CatfishVirgil has landed four 100- pound plus blues. He returned three of them to the river after winning More

August 26 Steph's 5lb Blue Catfish at the Potomac River... * Blue River 2, In Tishomingo Oklahoma, Photographer Barb... More

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Common names

Bagre azul in Spanish (español)
Blå dværgmalle in Danish (dansk)
Blauer Katzenwels in German (Deutsch)
Blue catfish in English
Blue catfish, Blue Bullhead (German: Blauer Katzenwels) in English
Catfish in English
Ictalurus furcatus in Catalan (Català)
Sinipiikkimonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Sinyaya zubatka in Russian (русский язык)
Sumik blekitny in Polish (polski)
長鰭真鮰(長鰭叉尾鮰)(引進) in Mandarin Chinese
长鳍真鮰(长鳍叉尾鮰)(引进) in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Ictaluridae
Genus : Ictalurus
Species : Ictalurus furcatus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1840