Norway bullhead

The Norway bullhead lives in the demersal, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - 100 m environment.

The Norway bullhead (Taurulus Liljeborgi) is a coastal fish of the family Cottidae, found in Northern Europe. Description - The Norway bullhead grows to 7.4 cm in length. More

The Norway bullhead is a coastal fish of the family Cottidae, found in Northern Europe.... More

Norway bullhead is distributed off Denmark, around the British Isles and across to Iceland and northward along Norwegian coasts. Spawning takes place in early spring (Whitehead et al., 1986b). More

In the Norway bullhead there is a row of spines on the skin above the lateral line. More

The Norway Bullhead, Taurulus lilljeborgi, is found in deeper water off the coasts of Scotland and Norway. It is usually reddish in colour with similar markings, and the long spines on each gill cover are almost identical. More

THE Norway bullhead, Acanthocottus lilljeborgi (Collett, 1875), is a marine cottid (Teleostei-Scleroparei) endemic to the European boreal region. It closely resembles A. bubalis (Euphr.) (= Cottus bubalis Euphr. More

Common names

Buichok lilljeborga in Russian (русский язык)
Chabot nain in French (français)
Dværgulk in Danish (dansk)
Lítlakrutt in Faroese (Føroyskt)
Litli marhnútur in Icelandic (Íslenska)
Norway bullhead in English
Taggsimpa in Swedish (Svenska)
Zwergseeskorpion in German (Deutsch)
細眉杜父魚 in Mandarin Chinese
细眉杜父鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Cottidae
Genus : Micrenophrys
Species : Micrenophrys lilljeborgii
Authority : Collett, 1875