Pit sculpin

The Pit sculpin lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Pit Sculpin, Cottus pitensis This photo of a pit sculpin was taken by Michael P. Heck, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Location: Drews Creek, Lake County, Oregon. Date: 7/24/2007. More

Pit sculpins are found predominately in streams with temperatures blow 25°C and oxygen levels near saturation. These waterways include fast rocky streams, spring fed creeks, and large boulder filled rivers. Pit sculpins are usually found in swift currents in riffles or runs. More

pit sculpin pit sculpin (Cottus pitensis) alpine bullhead alpine bullhead (Cottus poecilopus poecilopus) (Cottus poecilopus volki) Japanese fluvial sculpin Japanese fluvial sculpin (Cottus pollux) Klamath Lake sculpin Klamath Lake sculpin (Cottus princeps) (Cottus reinii) More

Common names

pit sculpin in English
皮特杜父魚 in Mandarin Chinese
皮特杜父魚 in Unknown
皮特杜父鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
皮特杜父鱼 in Unknown

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Cottidae
Genus : Cottus
Species : Cottus pitensis
Authority : Bailey and Bond, 1963