Shorthead sculpin

shorthead sculpin (Cottus confusus: Pisces, Cottidae) in Canada and the sympatric relationship to the slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus). Can. J. Zool. 62: 306-311. Larson, K.W., and G.W. Brown. More

one exception (the Shorthead Sculpin), all Montana sculpin species also occur in lakes. In lakes, the Spoonhead Sculpin is sometimes found at considerable depths (> 100 m), while the other species tend to stay in relatively shallow, near-shore water. More

developed a Draft Recovery Strategy for Shorthead sculpin, which is intended to protect and recover this species at risk. The Recovery Strategy describes the species and its ecology, threats to its survival and habitat, and knowledge gaps related to recovery. More

Recovery Strategy for Shorthead Sculpin (Cottus confusus) in Canada - About the Species at Risk Act Recovery Strategy Series What is the Species at Risk Act (SARA)? SARA is the Act developed by the federal government as More

Shorthead sculpin from the Boise River were basal to those from both the Salmon River and Lost River sinks streams, supporting a Salmon River origin. Mottled sculpin from the eastern-most streams were unrelated to mottled sculpin of the Snake River. More

The shorthead sculpin-a threatened species in Alberta. MS Unpublished text of paper omitted from 19 above. 1991 23. An Action Plan for the Recovery of the Northern Leopard Frog in Alberta. Pp.199-200, in Proceedings ... More

The Shorthead sculpin is also a fairly short-lived fish. Members of the species reach sexual maturity after two years and tend not to live any longer than five. More

Food Habits of the Shorthead Sculpin Cottus confusus in the Big Lost River Idaho * Main Author: Cannamela D.A. * Author 2: Gasser K.W. * Author 3: Johnson D.W. More

rhotheus, and shorthead sculpin Cottus confusus) and can be difficult to distinguish in the field, even by trained biologists and ichthyologists. Several characters are typically required to confidently identify C. More

Brief Description of Shorthead Sculpin and Its Habitat Shorthead sculpin occur sympatrically or within the range of other sculpin species and can be difficult to distinguish in the field, even by trained biologists and ichthyologists. More

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Cottidae
Genus : Cottus
Species : Cottus confusus
Authority : Bailey and Bond, 1963