Chilean round ray

The thorny round stingray is a species of fish in the Urotrygonidae family.

The Chilean round ray lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 60 m environment.

* Chilean round ray, Urotrygon chilensis (Günther, 1872) * Urotrygon cimar López S. More

Chilean round ray, Urotrygon chilensis (Günther, 1872) ... Smalleyed round stingray, Urotrygon microphthalmum Delsman, 1941 ... 3 Free Online Fishery Dictionary - is the Official site for currently classification of world fishes. More

Common names

blotched stingray in English
Chilean round ray in English
Raie ronde chilienne in French (français)
Raya in Spanish (español)
Raya chilena in Spanish (español)
Raya con espina in Spanish (español)
Raya redonda chilena in Spanish (español)
raya redonda moteada in Spanish (español)
raya-redonda in sp
roundray in English
Stekelige doornrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Stingray in English
Tapadera in Spanish (español)
Thorny round stingray in English

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Urotrygonidae
Genus : Urotrygon
Species : Urotrygon chilensis
Authority : G