Yantai stingray

The Yantai stingray was described by Yuanting Chu in his 1960 Cartilaginous Fishes of China, based on specimens obtained from the Shanghai Fish Market, Dongfushan, and Huaniao.

The Yantai stingray lives in the demersal, marine environment.

(Dasyatis akajei) and yantai stingray (Dasyatis laevigata). The yields of the ASCs from skins of dusky spinefoot and sea chub were about 3.4-3.9%, and from ray species were about 5.3-5.7%, on a dry weight basis. More

* Yantai stingray, Dasyatis laevigata (Chu, 1960). * Mekong freshwater stingray, Dasyatis laosensis (Roberts & Karnasuta, 1987). More

★ Yantai stingray, ''Dasyatis laevigata'' (Chu, 1960). ★ ★ Mekong stingray, ''Dasyatis laosensis'' (Roberts & Karnasuta, 1987). ★ ★ Brown stingray, ''Dasyatis latus'' (Garman, 1880). ★ ★ Painted maskray, ''Dasyatis leylandi'' (Last, 1987). More

Common names

Yantai stingray in English
Yantaipijlstaartrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
光魟 in Chinese (中文)
光魟 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Dasyatidae
Genus : Dasyatis
Species : Dasyatis laevigata
Authority : Chu, 1960