Whiptail stingray

The diamond stingray, Dasyatis dipterura, is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae.

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The whiptail stingray, Dasyatis brevis (Garman, 1880), is a junior synonym of this species but is sometimes erroneously listed in place of or separately from D. dipterura. More

Whiptail stingray clipart image in 48 different colors Les stingrays sont les poissons cartilagineux liés aux requins. Ils sont communs dans les eaux marines tropicales côtières dans le monde entier, et plusieurs espèces sont connues pour entrer dans l'eau doux. More

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* Whiptail stingray, Dasyatis brevis ( Garman, 1880). * Roughtail stingray, Dasyatis centroura (Mitchill, 1815). * Blue stingray, Dasyatis chrysonota (Smith, 1828). More

Most Whiptail Stingrays have a very similar body plan with drab uniform coloration making identification in the wild rather difficult. Some species however, have a more easily distinguished dorsal pattern e.g. More

Whiptail stingray clipart image in 48 different colors The stingrays are cartilaginous fishes related to sharks. They are common in coastal tropical marine waters throughout the world, and several species are known to enter fresh water. More

A Whiptail Stingray, filmed during their All-Day Snorkel Excursion (Baytour) in January 2008. More

The Whiptail Stingray is one of the more abundant members of the order Myliobatiformes or Stingray Order, family Dasyatidae, and genus Dasyatis which includes the fintail stingrays. More

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Dasyatidae
Genus : Dasyatis
Species : Dasyatis brevis
Authority : Garman, 1880