Tropical sawshark

This is a small species; the maximum known length is 85 cm for females and 63 cm for males .

The Tropical sawshark lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine, depth range 246 - 405 m environment.

The tropical sawshark, Pristiophorus delicatus, is a recently described species of sawshark, family Pristiophoridae, formerly known in literature as Pristiophorus sp. B. More

The small but scary-looking Tropical Sawshark that is native to Australia is a recently described species of sawshark. It can be found at a depth of 246-405 meters (810-1,330 ft). More

Common names

Tropical sawshark in English

Order : Pristiophoriformes
Family : Pristiophoridae
Genus : Pristiophorus
Species : Pristiophorus delicatus
Authority : Yearsley, Last & White,2008