Fourlined terapon

The Fourlined terapon lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - m environment.

* Fourlined terapon (Pelates quadrilineatus) on Fishes of Libong Island (West Coast of Southern Thailand) by Keiichi Matsuura and Seishi Kimura (eds.) on the National Science Museum, Tokyo website: factsheets with photos and descriptions. More

Common names

Agaak in Tagalog
Babansi in Ilokano
Babansi in Pangasinan
Babansi in Tagalog
Babansi in Waray-waray
Bagaong in Bikol
Bagaong in Tagalog
Bagaong bukay in Kagayanen
Bagaw in Kuyunon
Baikeeli in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Banlaongan in Pangasinan
Baraonga aurora in Spanish (español)
Bigaong in Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug
Buga-ong in Davawenyo
Bugaong in Agutaynen
Bugaong in Bikol
Bugaong in Cebuano
Buriwriw in Tagalog
Cá Cang rang nâu in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Chavathinnikeeli in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Dingas in Ilokano
Four lined therapon in English
Four-line trumpeter in English
Four-lined grunter-perch in English
Four-lined terapon in English
Fourline grunter in English
Fourline striped grunter in English
Fourline trumpeter in English
Fourlined terapon in English
Ganam in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Geedow in Somali (Soomaaliga)
Gelama in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Gendang in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Gonggong in Davawenyo
Gonggong in Tagalog
Gonggong in Waray-waray
Gore in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Gramoteraponi in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Gramoteraponi in Greek, Modern (1453)
Gung-gong in Cebuano
Gung-gung in Hiligaynon
Gungong in Bikol
Kanglay in Cebuano
Kanigit in Bikol
Kantoris in Kuyunon
Kaswan in Arabic (‫العربية)
Keechan in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Keeli in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Keeri in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Kerong-kerong in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Kilipothu in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Kovakeechan in Tamil (தமிழ்)
kui in Swahili (Kiswahili)
Kuron-kuron in Bikol
Lambiyao in Hiligaynon
Leloring in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Marakkeri in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Mattakkeechan in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Muman in Tokelauan
Ngagu in Swahili (Kiswahili)
Oro-intsek in Waray-waray
Pagotpot in Bikol
Palapagon in Hiligaynon
Palinkeechan in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Peixe-zebra aurora in Portuguese (Português)
Pelates indyjski in Polish (polski)
Pootankeeli in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Red-mouthed tigerfish in English
Samudrakili in Telugu (తెలుగు)
San gaa in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Squeaking perch in English
Taguhot in Chavacano
Terapon à quatre lignes in French (français)
Tisoy-tisoy in Hiligaynon
Trompetter in Afrikaans
Trumpeter in English
Trumpeter perch in English
Violon crépuscule in French (français)
Yalli-e-chahar-khat in Farsi
Yalli-e-chahar-khat in Persian (‫فارسی)
Yosuji-shimaisaki in Japanese (日本語)
Zamroor in Arabic (‫العربية)
Γραμμοτεραπόνι in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Γραμμοτεραπόνι in Greek, Modern (1453)
கீசன்    in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கீச்சான் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கீளி in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கீளீ  in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கோவகீச்சன் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கோவக் கீச்சான் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
சவத்திண்ணிகீளி in Tamil (தமிழ்)
சாவாதீன்னீகீளீ in Tamil (தமிழ்)
பலங்கீச்சான் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
பாலீன் கீசசான்   in Tamil (தமிழ்)
பூட்டன்கீளீ  in Tamil (தமிழ்)
பூட்டாங் கீளி in Tamil (தமிழ்)
மட்டகீச்சான் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
కిలిపోతు  in Telugu (తెలుగు)
గనమ్  in Telugu (తెలుగు)
బైకీలి  in Telugu (తెలుగు)
సముద్రకిలి  in Telugu (తెలుగు)
ಗೊರೆ  in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
കീരി  in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
കീരിമീന് in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
മരക്കേറി in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
മരെക്കരി  in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
四带牙鯻 in Mandarin Chinese
四帶牙鯻 in Mandarin Chinese
四抓仔 in Mandarin Chinese
四線列牙鯻 in Mandarin Chinese
四線雞魚 in Mandarin Chinese
四线列牙鯻 in Mandarin Chinese
四线鸡鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Picture of Pelates quadrilineatus has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.
Original source: FishBase
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Perciformes
Family : Terapontidae
Genus : Pelates
Species : Pelates quadrilineatus
Authority : Bloch, 1790