Crimson seabream

The Crimson seabream lives in the benthopelagic, marine environment.

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Common names

Chi-dai in Japanese (日本語)
Chidai in Japanese (日本語)
Crimson sea bream in English
Crimson seabream in English
Lí chĭ diāo in Mandarin Chinese
Lí chi diao in Unknown
Pagre cramoisi in French (français)
Puk-tom in Korean (한국어)
Sargo púrpura in Spanish (español)
Yaponskiy tai in Russian (русский язык)
тай красный in Russian (русский язык)
日本真鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
日本真鯛 in Unknown
日本真鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
日本真鲷 in Unknown
犁齒鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
犁齒鯛 in Unknown
犁齿鲷 in Mandarin Chinese
犁齿鲷 in Unknown
붉돔 in Korean (한국어)

Order : Perciformes
Family : Sparidae
Genus : Evynnis
Species : Evynnis japonica
Authority : Tanaka, 1931