Cape white seabream

The Cape white seabream lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine, depth range - 50 m environment.

Cape white seabream; White seabream; Moroccan white seabream; Cape white-eye; Seabream; Picnic seabream; Bluespotted seabream; Redbanded seabream; Okinawa seabream; Common seabream; Red seabream; Goldlined seabream; Sharpsnout seabream; Yellowfin seabream; Blackhead seabream; Zebra seabream; Twobar seabream; Yellowback seabream; Striped seabream; Slinger seabream; More

Cape White Seabream is Diplodus sargus capensis. Also called: Diplodus sargus spp. More

Common names

Bindenbrasse in German (Deutsch)
blacktail in English
Cape white seabream in English
Dassie in Afrikaans
Dassie in English
Geißbrasse in German (Deutsch)
Große geißbrasse in German (Deutsch)
Kolstert in Afrikaans
Mariquita in Portuguese (Português)
Sar commun du Cap in French (français)
Sargo común del Cabo in Spanish (español)
Sargo de Cabo in Portuguese (Português)
Sargo del Cabo in Spanish (español)
Sargo-bicudo in Portuguese (Português)
Sargo-comum in Portuguese (Português)
Sargo-do-Cabo in Portuguese (Português)
Sargo-mariquita in Portuguese (Português)
Sargueta in Portuguese (Português)
White seabream in English
黑尾重牙鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
黑尾重牙鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sparidae
Genus : Diplodus
Species : Diplodus capensis
Authority : Smith, 1844