White bream

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White bream has less than ten scales, carp bream 11 or more. At the adult stage the reddish implant of the pectoral fin of the Silver Bream is a very clear mark. Like all cyprinidae carp bream can easily hybridize with other species. More

during filter-feeding in white bream and common bream, using dorsal X-ray films. In both species, the lateral rakers are long enough to bridge the gill slits. More

white bream (Blicca bjoerkna) and the roach (Rutilus rutilus) , is studied. In eutrophic lakes zooplankton is an important food resource and common bream is dominant. Previous research indicated that common bream retains zooplankters in the medial channels on its gill arches. More

Moreover White Bream provides a range of mobile computer systems for transport and logistic automation systems and for in car entertainment, the so-called 'car computer'. Henk Bliek’s Specialties: One-stop project approach for smaller development projects. More

White Bream is founded on July 14th, 2000. For about five months there has been full-time product development. After that there was very little time left for serious R&D, which caused White Bream to be a company without any concrete product offerings. More

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White Bream will frequently follow divers waiting for them to kick up invertebrates with their fins. DATE: 05/07/03 13:02 | CAMERA: OLYMPUS OPTICAL CO.,LTD (C3100Z,C3020Z) | RESOLUTION: 2048 x 1536 | NATIVE FOCAL LENGTH: 6. More

Usually a denizen of the Mediterranean, a white bream has been caught locally. Usually a denizen of the Mediterranean, a white bream has been caught locally. THE different species of bream in Bailiwick waters continues to multiply. More

White bream are grey with brownish nuances becoming greenish on the belly. They have a broad black band from the nape to the axil of the pectoral fin and a dark ring around the base of the tail fin. More

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mostly used for White Bream developments and production testing. White Bream develops various software modules for embedded system in VHDL for hardware oriented modules and Ansi C for software based solutions. More

White Bream is een eenmans ingenieursbureau dat met een flexibele invulling elektronica oplossingen ontwikkelt in de breedste zin van het woord. More

White Bream is a one-man engineering company, which develops electronics solutions in the broadest sense and with a most flexible approach. The electronics solutions of White Bream cover about any aspect in the field of electronics and embedded systems. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Sparidae
Genus : Diplodus
Species : Diplodus argenteus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1830