Shorthead drum

The Shorthead drum lives in the demersal, brackish, marine, depth range - 60 m environment.

Isopisthus parvipinnis, shorthead drum Larimus breviceps and of juvenile and adult banded croaker Paralonchurus brasiliensis were investigated from samples taken over a 24 hours period from 4 to 5 September 1987 on the continental shelf off South-eastern Brazil. More

Shortfin corvina and shorthead drum fed on crustaceans and teleostean fish, the former species primarily on pelagic sergestid shrimps and benthic caridean shrimps, and the latter mainly on pelagic sergestid shrimps, mysidacean and benthic caridean shrimps. More

parvipinnis, shorthead drum Larimus breviceps and of ... BDT ... Pomadasyidae, Perciformes, Lagocephalus laevigatus. Tetraodontidae, Tetraodontiformes, Larimus breviceps. Sciaenidae, Perciformes, Lutjanos jocu. Lutjanidae, Perciformes, ... BDT : ...- ... More

Shorthead drum is a night feeder, with minimum stomach fullness values between dawn and daytime, and maximum values between dusk and night time. More

Common names

Amarrala in Wayuu
Barriguda in Portuguese (Português)
Blanco pobre in Spanish (español)
Boca de velho in Portuguese (Português)
Boca-mole in Portuguese (Português)
Boca-torta in Portuguese (Português)
Bombache cabezón in Spanish (español)
Boquita'e sábalo in Spanish (español)
Cabeça-dura-relógio in Portuguese (Português)
Cabezon in English
Camanguá in Portuguese (Português)
Canganguá in Portuguese (Português)
Cangoá in Portuguese (Português)
Canguaguá in Portuguese (Português)
Congoá in Portuguese (Português)
Corbina cabezón in Spanish (español)
Corvina cabezón in Spanish (español)
corvino cabezón in Spanish (español)
Curvina in Spanish (español)
Murucaia in Portuguese (Português)
Obeba in Portuguese (Português)
Obeva in Portuguese (Português)
Oveva in Portuguese (Português)
Pescada boca mole in Portuguese (Português)
Pescada boca-torta in Portuguese (Português)
Pirocaia in Portuguese (Português)
Pirocaia-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Pirucaia in Portuguese (Português)
Purucaia-ubeba in Portuguese (Português)
Quindunde in Portuguese (Português)
Rockhead bashaw in English
Shorthead drum in English
Tsumari-nibe in Japanese (日本語)
Ubeba in Portuguese (Português)
Uveva in Portuguese (Português)
Verrue titête in French (français)
Verrue titÍte in French (français)
Vex fish in English
短头大口石首鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
短頭大口石首魚 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Larimus
Species : Larimus breviceps
Authority : Cuvier, 1830