Gulf weakfish

The Gulf weakfish lives in the benthopelagic, brackish, marine environment.

Gulf Weakfish Cynoscion othonopterus Jordan & Gilbert, 1882- 25 May 2008 offshore Cholla Bay SON MX 121. More

Gulf Weakfish is only found within the confines of the Sea of Cortez, being absent from all other Mexican waters. More

including the Gulf Weakfish, Cynoscion othonopterum, the Shortfin Weakfish, the Totoaba, Totoaba macdonaldi, the White Seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, the Yellowmouth Weakfish, Cynoscion squamipinnis, and the Yellowtail Weakfish, Cynoscion stolzmanni, but while these have a similar overall appearance, none has a mouth that More

Gulf Weakfish, Corvina del Golfo, Cynoscion othonopterum. Halfbanded Rockfish, Rocote Inspector, Sebastes semicinctus. Halfbeak Family (Hemiramphidae). Hardtail Moray Eel, Minute Moray Eel, Morena Cola Dura, Anarchias galapagensis. Herring Family (Clupeidae). More

gulf weakfish gulf weakfish (Cynoscion othonopterus) shortfin weakfish shortfin weakfish (Cynoscion parvipinnis) cachema weakfish cachema weakfish (Cynoscion phoxocephalus) Boccone weakfish Boccone weakfish (Cynoscion praedatorius) gray weakfish gray weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) striped weakfish striped weakfish (Cynoscion More

blunt caudal), the Gulf Weakfish, Cynoscion othonopterum (projecting lower jaw, slightly concave tail, arched lateral line which becomes straight, yellow fins), the Queen Croaker, Seriphus politus (large mouth with projecting lower jaw, dark lines along the sides, dark pectoral fin and all other fins More

including the Gulf Weakfish, Cynoscion othonopterum (silver-blue above, with dark spots on sides, scaly fins, mouth ends before rear of eye), the Orangemouth Weakfish, Cynoscion xanthulum (short pectoral fins, caudal fin with a blunt point, bright yellow inside mouth), the Shortfin Weakfish, Cynoscion More

Common names

Acoupa du Golfe in French (français)
Corvina in English
Corvina in sp
Corvina del Golfo in Spanish (español)
corvina golfina in Spanish (español)
gulf corvina in English
Gulf weakfish in English
Weakfish in English
直鰭犬牙石首魚 in Mandarin Chinese
直鳍犬牙石首鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Sciaenidae
Genus : Cynoscion
Species : Cynoscion othonopterus
Authority : Jordan & Gilbert, 1882