Velvet angelfish

The Velvet angelfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range - 35 m environment.

black velvet angelfish is a smooth, velvety black with no stripes. Fig. 3: Adult male blue angelfish. Fig. 3: Adult male blue angelfish (two doses of stripeless, one dose of dark). More

The Black Velvet Angelfish, also known as the Grey Poma Anglefish, is an elegant fish and very attractive in its adult coloration. Black Velvet Angelfish adults lose the yellow stripe behind the eye and at the base of the caudal (tail) fin. More

The Black Velvet Angelfish, also known as the Gray Poma, is predominantly black with a variable-sized splash of gray on the head and the horizontal upper half of the body. The tail and posterior tip of the dorsal fin is outlined in yellow. More

Habitat: The Grey Poma Angelfish or Black Velvet Angelfish are found at the Samurai Island off the eastern tip of New Guinea. Specific Care Information: When first introduced in the aquarium, this angel appears nervous and may refuse to eat. More

The Grey Poma Angelfish or Black Velvet Angelfish is moderately difficult to keep. Maintenance: It is important that you feed angelfish all kinds of live, frozen, and prepared formula foods. More

Black Velvet Angelfish Starting at $75 Red Sea Angelfish $ask Red Line Butterflyfish Starting at $95 Two Spot Goby Starting at $18 Rippled More

Velvet Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus melanosoma) has my vote 8/28/07 Hi Crew! I was out the other day and bought an Angel I was told was a Poma Angel. They said it wasn't eating because it just came in. More

Common names

Velvet angelfish in English

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacanthidae
Genus : Chaetodontoplus
Species : Chaetodontoplus dimidiatus
Authority : Bleeker, 1860