Nahacky's angelfish

The Nahacky's angelfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 25 - 75 m , usually 35 - 45 m environment.

Nahacky's angelfish, for the rare one, right (sorry I still think in common names a lot...)???? Lucky you to get to see it! Please post more when you can, I love to see "Johnston only", or "Johnston mostly" fish species. More

husbandry Centropyge nahackyi also known as Nahacky's angelfish is endemic to Johnston Atoll. In the wild only one times found at Hawaii Islands. It is very similar to C. multicolor an angelfish common in the Marshalls and other central and south Pacific island groups. More

Common names

Nahacky's angelfish in English
Nahacky's pygmy angelfish in English
Nahackys dværgkejserfisk in Danish (dansk)

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacanthidae
Genus : Centropyge
Species : Centropyge nahackyi
Authority : Kosaki, 1989