Lemonpeel angelfish

In aquaria, it is suitable for fish only tanks.

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The Lemonpeel angelfish lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 3 - 50 m environment.

The Lemonpeel Angelfish needs plenty of vegetable matter in its diet. Make sure to give it lettuce leaves, and a good spirulina-angelfish formula. More

The lemonpeel angelfish (Centropyge flavissima) is an omnivorous marine angelfish. Its body is a distinctive bright yellow in colour, with a blue circle around the eyes and blue behind the operculum. Juveniles have a blue ring on each side. More

Unique Aberrant / Hybrid Lemonpeel Angelfish on Live Aquaria - In just under 1 hour of being posted on the Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den this beautiful Lemonpeel Angelfish, Centropyge flavissimus variant, sold. More

* Lemonpeel Angelfish : Facts On The Lemonpeel Angelfish Lemonpeel Angelfish : Facts On The Lemonpeel Angelfish = 73rate or flag this page By PirateFX Lemonpeel Angelfish Facts - More

Lemonpeel Angelfish Species Facts & Information = By Stan & Debbie Hauter, About. More

It is best not to keep Lemonpeel Angelfish with fish of the same genera. Food and diet: The diet of the Lemonpeel Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other meaty items. More

The Lemonpeel Angelfish is a vibrant yellow color with electric blue accents around it's gills and eyes. The Lemonpeel Angelfish is often confused with the False Lemonpeel Angelfish (C. More

The Lemonpeel Angelfish is one of the least hardy of the pygmy angelfish and needs to be added to an aquarium utilizing live rock for filtration or decoration with sufficient micro and macro algae growth. More

A juvenile Lemonpeel Angelfish (this can be recognized by the markings) going about its daily life along the reef. Photo by Ms. More

Of Special Note - The lemonpeel angelfish is one of the larger dwarf angelfish available. It has a body shape similar to other dwarf angelfish, but it gets to a slightly larger size and also has a distinct yellow and blue coloration. More

Lemonpeel Angelfish - Centropyge flavissima: This pugnacious little fish is one of the more aggressive of the dwarf angelfish once established and chooses it More

Lemonpeel Angelfish are originally from the waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Lemonpeel Angelfish grow up to 6 inches at full length and should be kept in an aquarium of at least 30 gallons to provide them with enough room to swim and live in. More

The Lemonpeel Angelfish is a cheery yellow with sky-blue highlights on the lips, encircling the eyes, on the pectoral fins, and the tips of the dorsal, caudal, and anal fins. To avoid confusion with the False Lemonpeel Angelfish (C. More

The Lemonpeel Angelfish is a striking species that is yellow overall with bright blue trim around the eyes and on the gill cover. More

The Lemonpeel Angelfish requires a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with hiding places and large amounts of live rock to graze on the microalgae growth. It is very prone to nip at large-polyped stony corals and clam mantles. More

Starfish This Lemonpeel Angelfish data sheet gives you basic information about the common names, scientific names and water parameters required by this species. In addition, you can find Lemonpeel Angelfish information such as diet, determining sex, breeding, distribution and compatibility. More

Common names

Boray-boray in Tagalog
Boray-boray in Visayan
Centropyge tout jaune in French (français)
Gul dværgkejserfisk in Danish (dansk)
Koganeyakko in Japanese (日本語)
Lemon peel in English
Lemonpeel angelfish in English
Paraharaha in Tahitian (Reo Mā`ohi)
Poisson-ange nain citron in French (français)
Tu'u'u-lega in Samoan (gagana fa'a Samoa)
Tu'u'u-sama in Samoan (gagana fa'a Samoa)
Yellow angel-fish in English
yellow angelfish in English
Zitronen-Zwergkaiserfisch in German (Deutsch)
黃刺尻魚 in Mandarin Chinese
黄刺尻鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacanthidae
Genus : Centropyge
Species : Centropyge flavissima
Authority : Cuvier, 1831