White-streaked grubfish

The White-streaked grubfish lives in the demersal, brackish, marine, depth range - 20 m environment.

White-streaked Grubfish, Parapercis stricticeps, Coral Sea, maximum length 18cm Grubfishes - Pinguipedidae Home Back Equipment More

White-streaked Grubfish - Parapercis stricticeps - Short Pipe GC Seaway ID: 3863 Common Name: White-streaked Grubfish Scientific Name: Parapercis stricticeps Kingdom: Animalia More

The white-streaked grubfish, Parapercis stricticeps, is usually found resting on the bottom on shell-grit. It is a long, thin white fish with reddish brown markings. More

Image: A White-streaked Grubfish at Shiprock - Add comment Add tags A White-streaked Grubfish at Shiprock Description A White-streaked Grubfish at a depth of 15 m, Shiprock, Port Hacking, Sydney, New South More

* White-streaked grubfish, Parapercis stricticeps (De Vis, 1884). * Parapercis striolata (Weber, 1913). * Reticulated sandperch, Parapercis tetracantha (Lacépède, 1802). More

Common names

White-streaked grubfish in English
縮頭擬鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
缩头拟鲈 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pinguipedidae
Genus : Parapercis
Species : Parapercis stricticeps
Authority : De Vis, 1884