American perch

Yellow Perch reach sexual maturity at one to three years of age for males and two to three years of age for females.

The American perch lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, brackish, depth range - 56 m , usually - 9 m environment.

American Perch, American Whitespotted Filefish, American Yellow Perch, Lake Perch, Perch, Yellow Perch Common Names in Finnish: Kelta-Ahven Common Names in French: Perchaude, Perche Canadienne Common Names in German: More

Common Names: American Perch, Bandit Fish, Calico Bass, Convict, Coon Perch, Coontail, Eisenhower, Jack Perch, Lake Perch, Zebra Perch, Raccoon Perch, Red Perch, Redfin, Redfin Trout, Ring-tail Perch, Ringed Perch, River Perch, Sand Perch, Striped Perch, Humpy, bait- stealing little devils Related Species: Walleye (Stizostedion More

USS Perch was an American Perch Class submarine of 1330 tons displacement launched in 1936 and sunk during the Second World War. USS Perch was powered by diesel engines and was armed with one 3-inch gun, one anti-aircraft machine-gun and six 21 inch torpedo tubes. More

yellow perch - North American perchEuropean perch, Perca fluviatilis - a perch native to Europefreshwater fish - flesh of fish from fresh water used as food 6. More

Common names

American perch in English
American yellow perch in English
Amerikaanse gele baars in Dutch (Nederlands)
Amerikaanse gelebaars in Dutch (Nederlands)
Amerikanischer Flußbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Amerikansk abbor in Norwegian (Norsk)
Amerikansk abborre in Swedish (Svenska)
Biban galben in Romanian (română)
Chavoo in Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ)
English Perch in English
European perch in Unknown
Gul abborre in Swedish (Svenska)
Gul aborre in Danish (dansk)
Kelta-ahven in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Lake perch in English
Nordamerikansk abborre in Swedish (Svenska)
Okon zólty in Polish (polski)
Okoń żółty in Polish (polski)
Osaoeo in Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ)
Osaoeos in Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ)
Osaoes in Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ)
Perca in Portuguese (Português)
Perca in Spanish (español)
Perca canadiense in Spanish (español)
Perca-americana in Portuguese (Português)
Perch in English
perchaude in French (français)
Perche canadienne in French (français)
Persico dorato in Italian (Italiano)
Redfin in Unknown
Ukas in Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ)
yellow perch in English
yellow perch, (German: Amerikanischer Flußbarsch) in English
Zheltyi okun' in Russian (русский язык)
Жълт костур in Bulgarian (български език)
окунь желтый in Russian (русский язык)
黃鱸(金鱸) in Mandarin Chinese
黄鲈(金鲈) in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Percidae
Genus : Perca
Species : Perca flavescens
Authority : Mitchill, 1814