Betta falx

The Betta falx lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Betta falx can be housed in pairs, species tanks, and community tanks. Pairs can be housed in a 2.5 gallon tank, groups should be housed in a 10 gallon tank or larger. Pairs should be given cover such as caves and plants. More

Betta falx is a relatively new mouthbrooding species out of Jambi, Indonesia. The name falx means scythe, alluding to the continuous curved shape of the broad anal and caudal distal margins of a male in display. More

Betta falx is not picky about food and will eat both live and prepared foods. I feed frozen blood worms, baby brine shrimp, and hikari cichlid gold baby pellet. The females are more aggressive feeders then the males. More

Betta falx was described by Tan and Kottelat in 1998 and is included in the Betta picta complex of closely-related species, an assemblage which also includes B. pallida, B. simplex , B. taeniata and of course B. picta . More

Betta falx are one of the more commonly available wild-type Betta species in the aquarium hobby. They are a small, hardy, mouthbrooding fish, from the Picta Group or Complex, and can be kept and bred quite easily and successfully. More

Breeding Betta Falx is also easy. In this species the females initiate spawning and will pick an appropriate male who will either respond positively or negatively. More

I picked up a pair of Betta Falx at Glenrothes auction today for More

Betta falx, in general, are your typical mouthbrooding betta in that they spend much of the their time hiding or holding fairly still, until food falls in front of them. At that point, they will charge out and gobble it up. More

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ich die betta falx von ihr bekommen habe.aber an all die anderen.alle Infos w More

Common names

鐮鰭搏魚 in Mandarin Chinese
鐮鰭搏魚 in Unknown
镰鳍搏鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
镰鳍搏鱼 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Osphronemidae
Genus : Betta
Species : Betta falx
Authority : Tan & Kottelat, 1998