Betta aurigans

The Betta aurigans lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Betta aurigans, a new species, is found in the lowland swamp forest streams of Pulau Natuna Besar. It belongs to the Betta akarensis species group (B. akarensis, B. aurigans, new species, B. balunga, B. chini, B. More

Betta aurigans can be housed in pairs, species tanks, and community tanks. Pairs can be housed in a 10 gallon tank, groups should be housed in a 55 gallon tank or larger. Pairs should be given cover such as caves and plants. More

Of the two endemic species, Betta aurigans, new species, is described from the lowland swamp forest streams of Pulau Natuna Besar( formerly Pulua Bunguran). It differs from the congeners of the B. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Osphronemidae
Genus : Betta
Species : Betta aurigans
Authority : Tan & Lim, 2004