Yellowhead jawfish

It remains near its relatively small territory, and is typically seen with only the head and upper section of its body protouding from its burrow, although it sometimes can be found hovering nearby.

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The Yellowhead jawfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 40 m , usually 3 - 40 m environment.

The yellowhead jawfish is one of the most commonly sighted of the jawfish family. Named for its large mouth and jaws, this 2- to 3- inch fish has a yellowish head, tan to pearly body and bluish fins. More

The Yellowhead Jawfish can attain a length of 5 inches in the wild, and up to 4 inches in an aquarium. The Yellowhead Jawfish is a cute fish with a great personality. They are playful and like to people watch. More

The Yellowhead Jawfish is typically a shy feeder, eating very small live foods that wander near its burrow in the wild. In the tank, it can be enticed with small pieces of mussel, daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworms, or other meaty foods. More

Description: Watch a funny yellowhead jawfish digging in the sand with its mouth! Learn more about tropical fish at: http://tinyurl. More

The Yellowhead Jawfish has a yellow head that fades into a pearly, pale blue colored body. This jawfish needs a soft substrate that is at least 3-4 inches deep so that they can dig their burrows. More

Summary: Wondering how to identify the Yellowhead Jawfish? It is often found burrowing into sandy ground in the Caribbean. Learn to identify yellowhead jawfish with tips from a Caribbean scuba instructor in this free tropical fish identification video. More

The Yellowhead Jawfish is one of the most popular jawfish in the aquarium industry. They are amusing fish to watch and once established inMore>> 1 Product(s) Starting at $12. More

The depth range for the Yellowhead Jawfish is 3-40 meters / 10-131 feet. Size and appearance The largest scientifically measured Yellowhead Jawfish was 10.0 cm / 3.9 in. More

Common names

bocón cabeza amarilla in Spanish (español)
guardian cabeziamarillo in Spanish (español)
Gulhovedet kæbefisk in Danish (dansk)
Jack in the box in Papiamento
Traganavi dorado in Spanish (español)
Traganavis dorado in Spanish (español)
yellowhead jawfish in English
黃頭後頜鰧 in Mandarin Chinese
黄头后颌鰧 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Opistognathidae
Genus : Opistognathus
Species : Opistognathus aurifrons
Authority : Jordan and Thompson, 1905